W5R1 - sound of silence

Yesterday was R1 of, what seems to me, a major week. I went after I got home from work and a quick walk for the pooches, so the legs weren't in the best of shape to be honest but I wanted to get out and get it done.

I decided to reverse my route meaning the big hill I normally go up in my first run would now be at the end and I'd be running down it. Good plan.. or so I thought. Turns out the other route is a slow and steady incline for all of my first 5 minute run. 'OMG come on Laura and I done yet pllllleeeaasssseeee?', 'slow down to a walk' she replied. Thank god for that. But I had managed to keep going, so spurred on I took my walk and prepared for the second part. Not bad, pretty much all on the flat, so got through with some huffing, but that's normal. Plus I was trying to breath through my nose, which is the little gem Laura imparted to me moments before. Hadn't really noticed before but I don't tend to do that. Oh well something else to work on.

Then came R3, down a narrow street. Sunday afternoon and people out for a walk. There was a young couple just ahead of me on the other side of the road, the side I would need just shortly. Not a problem I'll get passed them on this side then cross over. Er no. Another couple came out in front of me at the same level as couple no 1. Now I was trying to decide.. do I a) slow down more and just stay behind them, but I will still catch them at some point as they weren't that far in front or b) go out into the road and go round them then cross over. During the deliberation Laura popped up to let me know I was half way through. REALLY ?! I hadn't noticed I was too distracted. Then I spotted an alley way couple no 1 were coming up to so I crossed the road staying behind them and waited to see which way they went. I took the other route. Yay sorted. 1 minute left, going good, almost there. Then silence, no Laura, no music, no nothing !!! What, Laura come back, damn what now? I tried to guess where my 1 minute would be up and ran to that point, then went into my walk whilst trying to sort my phone out. Looks like it got paused, I can only guess my keys must have knocked it somehow. Anyways I pressed the play button and the music set off again, so did I to make sure I had done all of the final run I carried on until Laura released me. Note to self, make sure nothing is near the phone in future. Laura I need you!

R2 planned for tomorrow I hope the ice has gone by then. Definitely going to try distraction technique on the next run and see it that helps. After all feel I need all the help I can get for R3 :S


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10 Replies

  • What fun you've had! Those pesky peeps trying to throw you off your stride but you did it. Wasn't too bad was it? I'm amazing myself all of the time. Very well done and best of luck for tmrw. My next run will be Wednesday...xx

  • lol I couldn't believe they were at exactly the same level lol normally you're lucky to see 1 person walking along there. Hey ho. Thank you. No work tomorrow so hopefully the legs will behave ;) good luck to you for Wednesday x

  • Ha, what a great run you had..plenty to keep you occupied there..😊

    Well done you nailed it...(thats 15 mins run) Go you.

    So onto R2 next. Start nice and steady.

    Good luck😊

  • Thank you :D Going to give it my best shot x

  • Time passes quickly when you have distractions around. Good luck tomorrow!

  • Thank you. I'm beginning to learn this :) x

  • What a great run! What a good idea to reverse it. Looking good for the rest of week 5 now ☺☺

  • Thanks McFitty fingers crossed :D x

  • I love those runs full of distractions, they go so quickly! You did well, even with a hill and through the dreaded silence. Well done!

  • Thank you x That section definitely flew by, I could get used to that ;)

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