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Huzzah! W5R3 Milestone *Check*

I've been talking about this run for weeks, to anyone who would listen - gushing about how amazing this programme is and that by the end of week 5 I'll be able to run for 20 mins non stop!

Of course by the time today arrived, I was full of doubt! I had struggled with the 8 min runs this week so 20 minutes seemed a little far fetched. I set off anyway uttering "Trust the programme", still with a strong feeling of apprehension. That feeling didn't leave until 5 minutes in where all I could think was "I'm doing it, I'm really doing it!".

The first 10 minutes were fine, I was happily plodding along at a steady space. Then the next 5 I felt the struggle starting, probably due to a slight incline! The final 5 was a real push, I didn't plan my route properly and ended up having quite a hill to battle! BUT I did it! And I'm pleased! I didn't stop at all, although my pace did decline somewhat towards the end...

I'm so so happy with how far I've come in such a short space of time! Bring on week 6 :D

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Well done , I love to hear of people achieving and power to you for the hill climb, we have a few around here, they make you dig deep. A big pat on the back from here😀


Well done. I cheated on mine almost. I picked a mainly downhill course, just to be sure of it. (Doubt had me well and truly in its grip). To do this finishing on a hill is really doing it in style!


You did it ! Whoop de Doo, good on you. You must now feel you are a runner. I know this because I did.


Can't believe I did it either. It was like a massive mountain that loomed large but now it is over! We are now looking at the C25K finish line! Week 6 is tough again but just going to do what I did for week 5 - only think about 1 day at a time, rest and repeat!

My thoughts and calves ached after w5r3 so I have rested for 2 days so I am good for Monday. Have some new shoes (only cheap Sports Direct ones but first pair of running trainers)!

Keep us posted, we are neck and neck!


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I love having someone mirroring my progress. It is great getting first hand experience from someone doing/just about to do the same as you.

Good luck with week 6.

Oh, and I believe the law states you have to post pictures of new trainers!

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Well done. Great job especially with a hill in there. I still do my best to avoid them. Lol ☺


Woohoo! Well done! I was exactly like that when I did that run but it's so amazing when you actually manage to do it! Congrats!


That's fantastic! I love reading the success stories.


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