First Parkrun W7R1

After going and checking things out last week I finally plucked up the courage to attempt Parkrun! I got carried away in all the excitement and set off far too fast, and it was SO HOT but I stuck to my aim of running for 25 minutes and found myself nearly at the 3k marker. So I shuffled to 3k then walked to 4k. Then I ran the last km but there was no chance of a sprint finish. Very slow at 46 minutes but it gives me something to aim for and I wasn't last! Everyone was so friendly I will definitely be doing it again but it's going to be a long time before I am doing 5k in less than 30mins!

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  • I am so pleased, well done. Park Run is amazing and you did amazing. I get so sad when I read about people 'waiting until they are ready' to do Park Run. I wonder what it is they are waiting for exactly. Today was the first time I got to the 3k marker and it was was my 43 park run in fact until about 3 weeks ago I had not even got to the 2k

    Anyway well done and welcome to Parkrun as you say you now have something to aim to improve upon. I am 50 in 8 weeks which will probably also be my 50th park run and I have a secret time target I am aiming at.

  • Thank you for your lovely comment. Good luck with the 50th birthday and park run. Let us know if you nail your time. I bet you will!

  • that is great. well done ... parkrun is a great event and is for all abilities :D

    Fraid I was one of those who waited like CC said should have gone sooner :) did my 13th today after a long break due to injury . Great to be back to it :D

  • Well you kept the main task in mind, and now next time you'll almost certainly have a PB. Wk7 R1 = TICK. You did it, and you still had quite a bit of fuel left in the legs to run that last km. Good to see you enjoyed it. I found that my second Parkrun was less enjoyable than my first, because I got a bit too focused on trying to improve my time if I could, instead of just doing my 25 minute survival trick, and then seeing what happened next. It meant I spent a lot less time zoned out and looking at the scenery etc.

  • Well done. Great job. โ˜บ

  • That is a very respectable time, I would b happy with that. Well done for going public, something to b proud of ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Well done on your first park run. I like many waited far too long to go to my local park run, did my 4th run yesterday and improving all the time as I expect you will now. Just running with others will spur you on. Congratulations and enjoy many more park runs.

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