Parkrun - W7R1

So, today I decided to go to my local parkrun and do my W7R1 there (25 minutes) and then walk the rest of the way round; thing is, I kept going and ran the whole 5km route! I was last (I am fairly sure that the tail runner walked behind me!) but I did it! My time by my reckoning was 49:12 - my goal today was to complete it in under 50 minutes but was assuming that I would walk/run the bit after my allotted running session.

I know I still have a couple of weeks of the program to go but I'd really love to get to 45 minutes for my parkrun time by the time I get to the end - I'm going to try to get to parkrun every week now as my third run of the week and see how I get on!


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18 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing that. I have registered with Parkrun but was thinking I we need to be able to run 5 km in around 30 minutes, neither of which I can do. I am only starting week 5 on Monday and so just a beginner! Well done for doing it, brilliant effort and now u can measure improvements each time 😀

  • At my parkrun the last big pack of runners is at around the 44 minute pace with some stragglers who are either very young (4) or very old (80+) or who are learning to run. My eldest son does it in about 22 minutes and my youngest son and husband are around 26 minutes. Last week there were people who did it in 70 minutes - the range is MASSIVE and each week is different - the thing that stays the same though is the atmosphere and encouragement you get from the other runners and the volunteers!

    Never be frightened to do a parkrun and never fear being last either - I have done it 17 times now (16 times I have shuffled/walked before I started this program) and I am usually last but I will get up to that 44 minute pack if it kills me! Today I felt so much fitter and stronger and my time will improve as I continue with C25k too!

  • Thank you for your encouragement! It is great to know there is a range at Parkrun. I am starting week 5 on Monday which feels like a turning point for me and I have 2 local Parkruns so after your post, I will go soon 😀

  • Hi Joolie

    I did my fist park run today and I run around 35 mins and there were a few behind me.

    I don't think it matters about your time too much. It was a good experience, once I'd gotten over the nerves of knowing what I needed to do!!! Xx

  • That is a very respectable time, well done! Have u graduated from C25K and what stage were u when u did ur first Parkrun? 😀

  • Hi Joolie

    I graduated on Thursday and had run 5k 3 times before today. My last 3 runs of the programme. It wasn't until week 9 that I felt ready to have a go and I wanted to see what my time would be.

    There really are all sorts of times. I looked at last weeks results and some are close to an hour so don't worry.

    You'll know when you're ready.

    For me I needed to know I could run it before I started but that was more down to me worrying what people would think if I didn't...and being a little competitive I suppose. Now I have, i wish I had taken part sooner.

    Hope this helps and good luck, you have the big week 5 run 3 this week. You will feel amazing when you conquer that

    Jules xxx

  • Hi JoolieB1. Anyone can do Parkrun - there are lots of people who walk the course, so don't worry about not being able to do 5k in 30 mins, that's not the point of Parkrun (and despite it's title not really on for lots of us doing c25k). As you've registered for Parkrun you should get the newsletter that will show you anyone can do it - and volunteering is good if you have the time.

  • Get out there next week and let us all know how you did.

  • Thanks for believing I can do it this week but I am not ready! If I succesfully do Week 5, I will set a date! 😀

  • Just go, you will be fine, honest. I am the world's greatest Non-runner. I am well known on this forum for stating I hate running and I do, with a passion. I hated running when I was young and fit, but I am using it as a means to an end and this forum and Park Run are slowly changing my life. (for the better I think). Really it's a great experience, the people are wonderful and you will be so pleased with your self. See my reply below on the subject. At least think about it.

  • There is absolutely no need to be able to run 5 k in 30 mins in order to do a park run ! Heavens ! I have been a tail runner twice, once I was tailing a man walking round on crutches and the second time a lady with twins pushing them in a buggy (her first exercise since having them she told me), a colleague is walking her local park run every week following knee surgery....It is an achievement to get out of your door on a Saturday morning and commit to propelling yourself 5k/3+miles and all park runners and volunteers recognise that and support anyone who is giving it a go regardless of speed. Go whenever you feel ready !

  • Good effort and well done

  • Well done Murphy. Thanks brilliant especially for week 7.

    I did my first park run today. Loved it xx

  • Well done you, that is amazing to have actually run the entire way. You should be so proud. I just can't keep this great big lump of a body jogging up and down for that long. I finally completed the W5R3 20 min at my Park Run 2 weeks ago, but have failed twice now to make the 25minute run of Week 6.

    For anyone else reading this and thinking about doing Park Run (I notice one person saying they thought they would need to be able to run 5km and do it in around 30 minutes, YOU DON'T. Park Run has nothing to do with running 5km. It is an event which covers 5km in total. As I say I am struggling to manage 25mins of continually running, but I completed my 42nd Park Run today in 39:01 I run for about 1.5km then walk run the rest, usually 60seconds of each repeated.

    If you are thinking about it, stop thinking and just go. They are just the best places to be. Murphy managed it today, I manage it and so do so many others. We get around 500 runners at my park run in all shapes and sizes, I am always in the last 10% of finishers but I get as big a cheer as the chap that comes home first in 17 minutes. The volunteers are amazing and so are the other runners, no one will judge you, everyone will sour you on.

    Sorry got a bit of track here. Back to you and well done, so pleased you ahem joined the Park Run clan. Look forward to hearing more as the weeks go by.

  • Well done, It sounds like you've got a good plan there. I did my 1st park run today and I'm buzzing!! Aren't they amazing events?! Whoever started them, is a star in my eyes. Sadly I saw a bloke having a very loud and aggressive go at one of the Marshalls. He was protesting that it was a public right of way and we shouldn't be there. What an idiot. Nobody was taking his right of way from him. On the other end of the spectrum there were lots of dog walkers and families cheering on everyone. I loved the event and thought it was very well organised and supported. And to think that all of the organisers give their time for free. They don't deserve harassment. Keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll reach your goal, just keep chipping at it. Well done x

  • Brilliant - excellent idea! You will amaze yourself!

  • Well Done you must feel very inspired now? It's a wonderful feeling when you achieve something you thought was still out of reach xx

  • Well done Murphy, you achieved your goal ! That's great and you now have a marker for future park runs to map your progress. I'm sure you'll nail the 45 mins, especially now you know how it all works. Good luck.

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