27 Mins!!!!!

Saturday morning is obviously Parkrun day and the venue for my 3rd runs of the week for a while now. I was stuck on W5R3 for over a month and have not been able to push out that extra 5 mins for W6R3 for the last two weeks now, so today I decided to go out without my watch and just jog until I dropped.

So anyway to cut a long story short, I jogged past the 2km marker and even past the 3km (something I have never done) before coming to a dramatic halt as I collapsed in a heap on the floor at about 3.3km in 26mins 52secs! So I am going to claim that as Week 6 done and dusted.

Final time was a mess and so is my knee but never mind, I can't do far and fast all at the same time just yet.

I need to be far more committed to the runs in the week now, I have been playing at it a bit for a while. My son and i have finished construction of a covered training area at the bottom of the garden with weights benches, pull up bars, and other equipment of torture so that will help work the rest of the body and something I enjoy a thousand times more than running anyway.

I hope those of you that do Park Run had a good run out this morning and good luck to everyone this coming week.


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13 Replies

  • Well done CC. Wk3r3 completed. You can start w7 now :)

    I took Rignolds advice and started squats and lunges and it seems to have worked, so after all the work with your son you can see if it makes the difference for you. I bet doing all that construction work had something to do with the 26:52 as well.

  • Squats and lunges! Are you going to be there to pick me up off the floor?!

  • You are such a fibber ! if you can run 3.3k in under 27 mins there is definitely a runner in there somewhere.....just saying.....

  • If there is, it's jolly well hidden, but maybe you are right. If I can just get under 20 stone I might be able to see it.

  • Oy, CC! "If I can get under 20 stone"? Why the conditional? There is an issue with your use of tenses here! You can already see that there is a determined runner inside you, because you ARE one. You WILL get under 20 stone. You're getting closer every day. So stop using the conditional. Live in the present, banish "perhaps" and "maybe" from your vocabulary, and use the future tense with pride - "I will". You've shown yourself, and everyone here, that you can do it.

  • well done Chalfont you are doing brilliantly :)

  • Bless u. That would definitely be me too but people keep saying to go to Parkrun but I'm just not ready. Just finished week 5 so I have run for 20 minutes. No idea what distance I might have covered but it might be 1 km! When I do week 6, run 3, I will track my distance and speed to see how I am going but I am slow so even if I could cover 5 km I am guessing it would take me an hour!

    I think I will finish C25K and then work on getting to 5 K and then look at speed. If I could do it in 50 minutes I would think about Parkrun but I am not confident enough and I am doing well but not well enough for a race.

    I am so impressed that you went for it - I would not be brave enough, so be very proud of yourself, u r an inspiration.


  • Julie, not sure if you are brave or foolish saying such things on my post. You know what I am going to say, just get out there and have a go. Read all the other posts about Park Run, even if you walked the entire way you wouldn't be the only one and if you were no one would care. Where do you live? Where is your nearest Park Run?, take a look at the results and then think about it. Our slowest today was 46 mins but we regularly get people take over an hour. I wish you lived near me I would come round and take you out kicking and screaming!

  • That's brilliant! Well done to you. All that building is clearly paying dividends!

  • Good news Chump ! We are behind you 100% !

    Work that body Chump ! You are going to nail this ! :-) xxx

  • I am neither brave or foolish but I know my own goals and Parkrun is in there but want to do it my way! When I go to my first one, I will be ready. Thank u though for ur enthusiasm and determination. I have 4 weeks of C25K, then I will be working on my distance and then speed. Once I can run 5 K in 50 minutes, I will be there!


  • Well thats great and I am only teasing, honest, no offence I hope. That's the beauty of this site we all do it our own way. After all it has to feel right and be fun (Hmm not sure abut the fun bit just yet, hopefully one day). My last word on the subject is, Park Run is there when you are ready and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and everyone else. Since my wife and I started (I shuffle she walks next to me, just to call for an Ambulance if I have a heart attack) 4 of my kids and their partners have taken it up regularly, (the dash round from 17 minutes to 26 mins between them, then one back and find me and cheer me on coming in) A friend of mine from the pub and his wife and 2 daughters and two families form my daughters swimming club! It really is very infectious.

    Good luck with your next week of C25k.

    Finally today I cracked week 6 at the 3rd time of asking so looking at W7R1 probably Monday, although this week is looking tough work wise.

  • I appreciate your enthusiasm for Parkrun, it will be my reward! Sounds as if you are a Parkrun Ambassador in your area. I think we are all passionate about healthy living, everyone on Facebook hears all about it and a couple of people I know are now also on the c25K programme. It is great to show people anyone can get moving.

    I am resting for the weekend and preparing myself for Minday (week 6 begins), looks quite a challenge but if I can do week 5, anything is possible.

    Have some new running shoes and socks, so watch out everyone!

    Keep inspiring greatness!


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