Well I never, I have arrived at week 9

Well well, I am truly amazed. I have to say that followed sensibly and slowly where appropriate this programme​ is superb.

When I contemplated starting I was certain, deep down, that I would never finish. In fact I didn't really think I would get past week 1 - I thought I might have to do some smaller runs just to build up to that very first run on the programme.

But something stirred inside me and I was determined to give it a go. In fact I was so determined to try that I went out on the 2nd of January to my local Retail Park and just happened to spend 40 quid on a pair of running shoes but I felt I needed them to push me on to have a go at this.

And so on Sunday I completed week 8.

I have gone slowly but steadily, I have read so much advice on this forum and felt supported by the members, just as so many people have said before me.

I am amazed that so far none of my runs have been a practice run... I can't believe that this 51 year old short (5'1"), fat (16 stone weeble) with dodgy knees and back, has made it this far.

And now just 3 runs to go. I know now can do this..

Next project will be to run 5 k as not near that yet with my short slow legs...I still have psychological issues about running so I also need to push my brain to run in day light as the nights will soon be lighter and not hide away behind big walls and hedges in the dark...And run in some new places...And get into parkrun more... Have done 2 and volunteered for 2. The volunteering is good for me too as it gets me out of my comfort zone a bit, and I give something back to my local community and I can be inspired by the people running or walking around, people of all ages, all abilities and all sorts of backgrounds.

I'm not going to think too far ahead though... Let's just get me through the next 3 runs over the next one to two weeks... I might be able to do that first one tonight but I'm listening to my knees and they are saying possibly not tonight but at least I'm listening to my knees and not my gremlin.

So thank you everyone for getting me this far with all your support and encouragement...

And for those setting out or somewhere else in the programme​ you can do it!!! YOU REALLY CAN!!!

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12 Replies

  • Nice work MotherPip. You are an inspiration.

  • Thank you...Got to finish it first lol

  • Fabulous achievement and terrific post MP.

    You are so close to graduation now, you have worked really hard and stuck to it. You mastered the gremlins and continued to get back out there even after tough runs! So we will await your celebrations and will have a corker of a graduation party with you!

    I am short, little legs, still overweight, slow and 60 yrs old. Like you to start with i did not want to be seen. I used to wear black to blend in to the shadows. But now I get out there in neon glory and I run proud.

    We are not on the couch, we are runners. We are PROUD runners! 🏃🏼‍♀️😃👍🏼

  • Ah yes just wore a new black running top last week haha

  • Wow MotherPip! I can't believe it! Only 3 runs until you graduate!! How good is that? And the other good thing is that your whole attitude has changed. You are starting to talk like a runner!

    Well done. I can't wait to see "graduate" written after your name 🤗🤗🤗

  • 😁😁😁might not be this week . Didn't venture out tonight as my knees have been griping a tiny bit.

    Also interestingly my quads were cramping slightly when i walked a few times at work today... Slightly odd...but suspect maybe I over hydrated the last two days as i buckle down to dieting matters so maybe my electrolytes have taken a hit...

  • Woohoo! Nearly there 😊

  • Go go go MotherPip ... I'm just two days behind you, I finished W8 today. You're doing brilliantly, a lot of your comments apply to me so let's finish this thing and prove that if we can do it so can everyone!

  • Ha... Didn't run tonight lol... The knees were gently suggesting i rest not run and I got involved in something else...But soon...

  • What a lovely post - certainly gives me hope! Well done for getting this far - I just hope that I can too because I want to be able to jog the entire Race for Life rather than walking/waddling like I usually do but I too have dodgy knees (and sadly too much weight around my middle but I'm determined that that will go!). Take care.

  • Keep going... We'll get there...Think I'll be out tomorrow night as its swimming tonight...Good luck in race for Life...A great cause 😊

  • 🕶 looks round to see if anyone's noticed I haven't tried week 9 yet...Creaky knees on Tuesday and a strange pain in my side on Thu and a conspiracy to keep me tied up...- (not literally- all evening) ... Maybe tomorrow night... 🕶

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