Beware of the dog

Hi all long time no post. Work has been mad and holidays etc. Mrs GF and I went out for a run with Rico this morning. All was going well Mrs GF leading the charge and me following. Rico was dawdling as we ran through the woods. All of sudden there was barking and Rico came flying out of a bush and ran smack into my legs. Thankfully he was okay and just shook himself before taking off again following the scent of a deer. I did not fare quite so well and flew through the air, managed to get my hands down and avoid hitting a tree. I was lucky just some minor abrasions and managed to carry on running.

So watch out for mad animals especially if they are yours

Happy running



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12 Replies

  • Hes a big dog so no wonder you went flying! :X glad you're all ok, nice to hear you are still out there GF!! :) dogs eh??!! :)

  • Thanks Ali. Couldn't believe he couldn't avoid me. I'll have to do a catch up post I'm still averaging 3 runs a week though some are better than others. How are you doing and George?

  • i'm ok thanks GF, had a bit of an off week last week but back in the swing of it now, George did a 5k on Sunday too and i did 8k last night at club, and a 10 mile race a few weeks back! got GSR in a couple of months so need to keep it all up! :)

  • Excellent well done Ali

  • Oh no. I had a cat go for me tonight! I nearly kicked the thing!!! "Get out of my way, I'm at 9.5k, you trip me up you die"! Something like that!!! Hee hee!!! Was a hideous thing!!! Glad you're ok though. Naughty Rico!!!! X

  • I almost trip over my spaniel nearly every run he just crisscrosses in front of my feet! he always does it by the river too! Dogs eh? 😆

  • Yes it was a first for me (and Rico)

  • Ah GF how the devil are you? It's good to see you back here again but what a "could have been a nasty accident" tale. Glad Rico's still running too and that Mrs GF has joined you both. How fab is that?

  • Superb IP. I had a brilliant holiday and now my fastest KM was in Yosemite I won't want to beat that ;-)

  • Oh G, hope youre okay and not suffering any after effects xxxx

    I tie myself in knots with my 2 when Im walking them ! One wants to go one way , the other one the other way, and I end up in the middle getting stretched all ways. I am going to have arms like a gorilla with my knuckles scraping the floor at this rate ha ha :-)

    Glad you had a great holiday , hows Mrs G doing ? Is she following Laura ? xxx

  • Thanks PP, just a bit stiff ut managed nearly 4k faster today. Mrs GF didn't use Laura but runs for over 30 mins and joined me on runs in San Francisco, Monterey Bay and San Diego which were "Awesome" xx

  • Naughty Rico, glad you're ok. If I hadn't stopped for a rest the other day I would have had a similar experience with a great big hare which suddenly popped out from a hedge...I never considered these risks when I started running!

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