Beware of fog and apples!

Nothing special planned today, just my normal mid week run before work but the fog nearly got me this morning. The mist descended early yesterday evening before the bonfires in the allotments had gone out, the cooler weather meant that lots of chimneys were pouring out smoke too and they burn some really smelly stuff in these parts! Anyway I set off shrouded in the comforting, if spooky, mists only to realise that the fog had trapped a fair amount of smoke at pavement level. It was a relief to reach the fields outside the village. It's the first time I've struggled breathing for quite a while and it made me wonder how awful it must have been in Victorian cities with all that smog.

As I headed around the park, mercifully back in daylight running for a few weeks, prancing like a mad pony through the leaves so as not to repeat my recent fall, a very large Apple was very nearly my downfall. I just brushed the top and stumbled a little, pony prancing is definitely the way to navigate the leaves although the apple was very unexpected as I'm certain I was under a conker tree. I wonder what those little girls who followed runswithdogs would have made of my strange movements and would they have copied me πŸ˜€


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  • How exciting.. am a tad jealous!!! Spooky mist and apples plummeting down.. wonderful. Sounds like a great run.. apart from the breathing bit ... it must have been truly dreadful in the pea-soupers of the Victorian had a sort of apple cloud..:)

  • Pony prancing describes that peculiar running movement very well. I've had to do that when moving through unexpectedly long grass. It's quite tiring too isn't it.

    Fog is good practice for the blindfold run!

  • I'm glad we weren't practising for that this morning. Would definitely have been the blind leading the blind πŸ˜‚

  • Sounds lovely and gothic πŸ‘» I would have loved to run yesterday as it was sooooo foggy but sadly not a run day ☹️

  • Also watch out for acorns & conkers!😊

  • It's the tree roots that usually get me 😬

  • Lots of slipper acorns, conkers and beech nuts (I think). Very slippery little blighters. It's drizzling today so beware of slipping on those wet leaves

    have fun out there!

  • On Sunday I just spotted a pot hole covered with leaves and managed to miss it in time!

  • I know what you mean. I love to see the wildlife but at this time of year the rabbit holes are a real hazard!

  • I'm sorry I can't help myself. The posts from all you "Country Folk" has been a real gift for us City Slickers in the Victorian smog ! Razouski told us about the "Cows in the Mist" now you are the "Prancing Pony in the mist".

    2 great ideas for Movies and books ! Could be bigger hits than "Guerrillas in the mist". This running is truly inspirational ! !

    There must be a Newton theme with the falling apple in there somewhere. how about a film entitled "Newton meets Cows and Ponies in the mist"

  • I'm sure you could have had a long line of ponies prancing. That's probably even more enticing than a regular run step.

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