First run outside since I started again

Well I did it thanks to the encouragement from gary_bart I ran outside in the daylight . I took myself off to the local park where they run park run for my first run of week three it nearly killed me as my breathing was all over the place but I completed it according to endemondo I tracked 3.59km in 30:39 I know it's incredibly slow but I DID IT! And I'm very proud of myself bring on run 2


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7 Replies

  • Well done! I am sure your breathing will settle soon. Just take it steadily and don't worry about speed.

  • Well done, I am reluctant to even step on the treadmill now, so boring and the distraction of being outside makes it easier! Brilliant that you did it 😀

  • Well done. That is not slow for week 3, it's quite fast. Running outside is a bit different from the treadmill. If you had issues with breathing, running too fast will explain it.

    I messed up my first run outside by running too fast at the start, I think most people do. You'll soon get used to it.

    Good luck with w3r2 you have every right to be proud, it's a great achievement.

  • Well done! Outside running is brilliant - lots of things to see, and fresh air does more for me than the smell of other people's deodorant. I agree with rmnsuk - you're actually quite speedy for that stage in the programme! I started off trying to run fast, and ended up exhausted. So slow down, then slow down some more - musically, that means forgetting all ideas of "Run like the wind", and going for a slower, more steady song in your mind along the lines of "I will walk (or rather JOG) 500 miles".

  • Well done! I hope it was more enjoyable for you out there? One metre short of 4 km in Week 3 doesn't sound anything like very slow to me. I suppose according to some or other athletic standard, it might be, but those are irrelevant. If anything you might need to rein yourself in a bit in future, to guard against injury. (But if you just feel good now it's over, no need to do that at all.)

  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind words I don't feel that I'm going too fast but will make a small adjustment on Wednesday I have decided to drive to a nearby beach and run along the sea wall for a change, also have my appointment with the running man at the gym tomorrow he is going to sort me out a proper exercise routine alongside c25k so I lessen the chance of injury again. Feeling positive long may it continue..

  • Well done you :). Sounds like you're going a bit quick so best just slow down a little and you'll be fine.

    I've only ever run outdoors - the only way to do it in my book :) xx

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