Couch to 5K

I started again

WEEK 1 - RUN 1

I did the first week back in January and all went really well.

Today it took me some convincing to get out of bed at 9am and into my trainers.

By the end of it I only ran 5 of the 8 runs and walked back all the rest.

I don't know why I found it relatively "easy" to do the runs without stopping or cheating in January when I did no excercise before, and now I struggle? This doesn't feel so good. :(

I tried to push myself to do at least the last run again but I felt like fainting, so I continued walking. Not exactly a good start to the programme...

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Had you eaten breakfast before you went out? Have you been ill recently, or anything like that?


I only ate a banana before. I guess that was the mistake. Lesson learnt: Next time - real breakfast!

The first time around I ran in the evenings too. That probably makes a difference too as I had something in my stomach already.


I normally run in the morning & make sure that I eat well the night before. plus I eat a bowl of cereal & have a cuppa about 30mins before & take water with me for the run.

well done for starting up again :)


i did wk1 run 1 on friday and came back exillerared.did r2 on sunday and had to miss out run7 and walk it then made an effort to do run8.did run 3 this a.m. and could only manage up to run5 then did speed walk for rest of time!would i be better to start week 1 again?doesnt really matter how long it takes to move up the weeks does it?


It's a good idea to complete three runs from each week - then you know you have consolidated at that level of fitness and can build on it with the next set of runs. The repeats also mean you build self-confidence that you can in fact run.

If it helps it took me six goes to get three Wk1 runs completed - that was 10 weeks ago and tomorrow I will graduate!


Is there really 8 runs in week 1 run 1? Golly its been a while.

Not a great start but that's OK there are all sorts of reasons for it almost none of which hurt anything more than pride ;-)

Getting out there and doing it is the hardest part and you were 100% succesful at that and pretty near for the main event. Give it another go next time. One thing is for sure if you keep at it you wilL defeat it!


Well done for getting out there! I am on week 2 run 2 and have to confess I am struggling with the runs but fight through it and you will get there!

Maud x


Thanks for the kind words!

I'll go again on Thursday. And this time I'll make sure to eat something beforehand and I'm sure I'll do better.

I did it once, I can do it again! Ha, I knew why I like reading this forum - it get's me all excited again! THANK YOU!


Going out when you don't really feel like it is an achievement on its own so well done for that. One other thing, you may have set off faster than you did in January and then run out of steam on the later runs, I used to go quite slowly for the first runs and try to build up so the last ones were faster, it meant I felt like I still had some fuel in the tank for the later runs - maybe you could try this next time? Let us know how you get on


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