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The voices in my head really don't help!

I have today completed w4r1 and it was HARD! It's incredible what you can achieve by pushing yourself but I really didn't think I would make it. Half way through I was telling myself there was no way I can do this, I will have to stop and try again in a few days. I don't now know how I got to the end other than thinking about what I was going to write on here later (did I really want it to be about failure) and Laura saying in the final 5 minute run that "it's pushing yourself at this stage that really improves your fitness" I was so red at the end that it was the subject of a lot of amusement when I got home.

I did start today with a sore knee picked up after last run and my ankle felt a bit sore too. Neither feel worse for my run, so I'm glad that I didn't delay today's run because of it. My right leg seems to be the one having the problems, is this normal?

I'm dreading my next run but I've proved I can do it so those voices should be quieter next time 😀

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You didn't think you would make it! But this is the point! You did make it! l know those negative thoughts don't help only too well.

Just tell them to bugger off, and try to think of other things, distract your mind, maybe try counting to 100, as someone else has mentioned on here.


Really well done! It's definitely mind over matter half the time, so well done for pushing through! I just completed the end of week 6, running for 25 mins, and I never thought I could have got this far, back in the early weeks. So keep going, you can do it!


Well done, but watch that knee, hey? If it gets worse, get it seen to/ checked out. Remember that you can do this run you've done again. I mean in the sense that you've proved to yourself that you're capable of systematically working up to being able to do this. So if you ever need to take some time out to heal, you Will gain back all the ground you've lost. But let's hope the knee pain is temporary, and gets itself sorted out during the rest day/s that follow.


Learning to run is so much more than making the body capable of doing the actions. A huge proportion is actually in the mind. Those voices are coming from you and only you can stop them or ignore them, but take on board the fact that you have come so far already and also that this programme has worked for thousands of people who, just like you, had doubts, but conquered them. That is all part of the process. Even after running for two years, I find it is not always easy, especially when pushing hard, which you are actually doing on each run at the moment, but achieving those things, that your body and or mind initially tells you are impossible, will build your self belief.

C25K will develop your body and your determination in equal measure and in a few weeks time you will know more about your own capabilities. Watch out for the aches and if any seem to be getting significantly worse, then have an extra rest day or two. It won't affect your overall progress.

Congratulate yourself on your achievement to date. Relax. Don't dread any run, that leads to tension which is totally counter productive. Believe in yourself and if necessary.......slow down.

Good luck


Yes. This run just about did me in yesterday. I know what you mean. I hope our fitness improves quickly. Good job on finishing!!!!

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