Really struggling at the moment

I ran week 9 run 1 last Sunday with no major problems. Then "failed" about half way through run 2 on Tuesday and decided to take some extra days off. I did a half hour swim on Thursday and went out to run again today, intending to do the same route that I successfully ran last Sunday.

Well - most things that could go wrong did. First of all it was raining when I went out - in a way I was pleased because I could wear my rain jacket and new long Aldi tights. However, the rain stopped after a few minutes and I rapidly became too hot. Then I also had problems with my phone - does anyone else find it difficult to get a phone that's playing Laura into a pocket without switching it off, or turning it up too loud or getting the next podcast instead? Then I received a text that I had to check in case it was urgent and had the same problem again. In the end I switched to Mapmyrun and did no music instead.

However, the main issue is still stamina - legs rather than lungs. The most polite thing I could call today's run is "freeform intervals". I did run a good 10-15 min chunk at the beginning but then a lorry with really yucky, smoky exhaust went past and I really didn't want to be breathing that so I stopped and essentially ran intervals of about 3 minutes each all the way home. If I'd gone out in my usual capri tights and no jacket maybe I could have run it all - I don't know.

I'm also wondering what to try running next - I'd love to get back up to 5k but it seems a distant target at the moment. I'm thinking of maybe trying Stepping Stone and seeing how long I can keep going as the 150bpm pace at the beginning will stop me from going too fast to start with. Any other (polite) suggestions welcome!

Hope you've all had a better week and happy running :-)


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  • Hi, I'm easing back in after injury (again! 3rd time this year) and always find it hard, mostly psychologically, when what used to feel easy(-ish!) isn't anymore. Perhaps there's an element of this with you too? I'm not redoing the programme but rather going out and seeing what I can do, having walking breaks when I need them - this helps in that I don't feel like I've failed. I've been treating myself to my favourite music too, regardless of bpm, which also cuts the feeling of 'fail' that not keeping up with the podcasts can bring.

    I'm yet to find the 'zone' of olden days, but I keep hope - wishing you the same and some happier runs thinnerandfitter! We'll get there :-)

  • Hi notbad, I replied to you earlier but it disappeared. Now can I remember what I said? Hmmm. I think I said that I could see what you mean about the psychological effect of not being able to do what I could do 4 or 5 months ago. Not that 5k was ever easy, but at least when I did a parkrun I was reasonably sure of finishing it. For that reason (and because I've moved to a hilly part of town) I'm pleased (in a masochistic way) that it's harder this time so I almost have a "reason" not to succeed. Both you and Swanscot suggested making a playlist and I think I'll try that - I especially like the idea of Swanscot's 20 minute "marker" song! Thanks again - and sorry it looked like I ignored you :-)

  • No problem :-) This site is still glitchy sometimes. I like the idea of a 20 minute marker song too, will try that next time I'm out - hope it gives us both the boost we need to keep going!

  • Like not bad, I'd opt to run with some music of your own choosing. I'd make up a playlist of 30 mins of whatever music inspires you to run (for me that would be a mixture of rock, 70s cheesy pop, disco and some current stuff) and go out aiming to run for 20 mins. At 20 mins have a track that is really upbeat and which has you dancing in the streets! Literally! I can't be the only one who dances on my cool down walk/walking intervals....? If/when you slow to walk you may find yourself compelled to jog along again. Since you've given yourself permission to walk at 20 minutes, anything you do over and above that is a bonus - a positive result. Extend this first part of the playlist by one tune every 2nd or 3rd run.

  • Hi Sheila, you know - I've never put a playlist together - maybe that's exactly what I need to do. Back in the spring I became very concerned about bpm - so spent a lot of runs doing C25K and your favourite Podrunner. I think I'll give a playlist a try next time I can get to the computer for long enough to work out what to do! Thank you for the tip!


  • Sometimes when I'm struggling to run, it's because I'm thinking about it too much. If I load up an audiobook or a documentary podcast, I'm more engaged with what I'm listening to and I forget to worry about the running, I just run.

  • Just a word of caution - choosing songs that make you feel too jolly can seriously damage your jogging "cool"! I have to fight the urge to do "jazz hands" when anything too upbeat comes on while I'm running.:D

  • don't fight it. go with it I do. hehe.

  • Hear, hear! :-)

  • I'm supposed to be 'cool' when I'm running? Who knew? :-)

    Well it's too late for me to worry about that as I frequently dance my way up the road on my cool down walk. Just as well I see few folks about.

  • If you have any songs on your phone you can make a playlist on your phone, I have android and have just made a playlist that I can use with my runtastic app. Some of the apps have different running programs in them as well. I am just about to start the Pink ( the breast cancer) Free 10K app. I am going to start that in the next couple of weeks. I just want to get a bit more comfortable with 30 min running. I am a loon when I run. I sing along by miming with my songs but I don't care It works for me. I am only running at 4.8k at 30 min but I am hoping that training for the 10 k will help me reach the elusive 5k. good luck.

  • I'm on android as well so I just need to find out how to do a playlist. I hear that it opens a lot of app possibilities (zombies anyone?) I don't think running along singing or miming will make me look any sillier than I do already :-)

    You're doing wonderfully well to get to 4.8k in 30 minutes - after all - what's another 200m? You'll get to the magic 5k before you know it, I'm sure. Thanks for the tips and I hope to be writing a happy post next week.

  • Oops just the read my reply. I am 3.8 not 4.8. That must be wishful thinking. He he

  • Ok - 1200m is a bit more than 200 but you'll still do it one day I'm sure :-)

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