The gremlins were out in force :(

I think they read my reply on here.. stupidly I wrote.. I love slaying them!!

Gosh went for what I thought would be some speed work on my 3k run thismorning.. got rfl on Sunday so thought this week fast 3k today and steady 5k on Thursday..

Gosh from begining to end.. it was tough!! I mean REALLY tough :( wanted to give up the whole way.. :( don't think I've had such a tough run since early weeks of the program!!

Putting it down to not being out since Thursday and a bad food weekend.. went to china buffet and ate way too much!! And the acceptance that sometimes we just have a bad run..

Anyway they wee blighters didn't win in the end.. I've learned I'm tougher than them!! JUST..


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21 Replies

  • Just a bad run. Now you've got it out of the way you'll be fine!

  • They can't read... :) Any run is better than... etc etc... :)

    I had a wicked food day yesterday too.. upped my carbs a tad.. very naughty!

    Thing is, those pesky little devils did NOT win.. you still did it.. everyone has a lapse now and then, but we get back into it :)

  • They came and visited me this morning too. I was expecting them after having an amazing run last week, but didn't expect them to start so early into the run. Never mind, I sent them packing and now they're just looking for a new forever home.

  • Hope they are not in the area Sparky66. I intend to race pace a full 5km tonight!

    Already in my head as I haven't run since last Tuesday.

    I just can't get you outta my head.....shut up Kylie!

  • Naw they are banished!! Gone..slayen.. beat up and thrown to the ground. you can go smash your 5k and go do the locomotion with Kylie..while you run :)

    Good luck x

  • Sparky, can I ask what your 'programme' is since graduation? You've alluded to it here with speed work on your 3k run and steady 5k... I'm really trying to find something structured since graduating and you may be able to help!

    Thanks for preparing me that the gremlins don't just naff off after graduating though. Will have to be on my guard for them and tell them where to go like you did!

  • Also, TheHack, you may be able to help with this too as you've obviously been doing something to get you to a race pace 5k?

  • Hi melly.. I've not really been following any program as such.. I graduated on the second of june and managed the graduation run of 5k.. but it took me 50 minutes.

    Since then I've ran two 3ks a week and one 5k.. still just keeping at those for now in the hope that I get a bit faster and those distances get a bit easier..

    I've managed to get slightly faster by about half a minute to a min per k.. but so far thats as much as I can manage :(

    But I'm turning 50 in probably will manage quite a bit faster.. x

  • Thanks, that is helpful! Similar to what I'm planning I think. Although, I did do the 5k on the graduation run but pushed myself so might have to build up to that I think. It's nice to know how people structure their runs and it will give me some good ideas until I settle into a routine.

  • Sorry I'm jumping in here! Hello!

    Postgrad is a strange place for a while and loads of us are literally cobbling 'plans' together!

    Have you, or are you considering, entering a 'race'? That can probably the best long-term goal/ incentive for a while.

    I have a 10k in September, a 5k in November and another 10k next May. (I loosely call them races for me as I will likely be in the slowest 10% but someone has to be :) )

    I graduated and decided to allow myself a minimum of 3x30 min runs a week for 4-6 weeks.

    That actually by week 2 quickly turned into 2x5k's and a longer one. I reached my first 10k 3 weeks after graduating! I'd previously done one 7 and one 8km. It just felt right one night so I plodded on.

    I've recently, after a loss of mojo, 'allowed' myself some shorter 3.2k's. They have been quite fun and have got me back on track. I've also had a few Jeff Galloway run/walks and have tried a forest run.

    Oldfloss, amongst others, has always advocated going out there, enjoying yourself and seeing what happens. 12 weeks post-grad I've 'got' there!

    With the little hindsight I have there doesn't seem to be many 'wrongs', the most important thing is to keep going! Try a few things, see what works for you best.

    Good luck :)

  • Hi jt24! Thanks for responding, any input is helpful at the moment as I do feel a little lost with Laura telling me what to do each run!

    10k 3 weeks after graduating is amazing!! I haven't entered a race or even done a parkrun yet but I know I should as everyone says how great both are. I suppose this achievement has felt very much about me and I'm not sure I'm ready to share my running yet with a group! I know it will feel good when I do though - I was the same with running outside (I used a treadmill until week 7) and when I first did I loved it and there was no going back for me!

    Loss of mojo is exactly what I'm worried about. I liked that during the C25K programme I had to push myself through to the end of some runs to get to the next one, otherwise I may have given up early. 30 minute runs have been feeling comfortable for me since the start of week 9 so I'd like to have something to focus on (even if it's a shorter run at a quicker pace, etc) just to mix it up and make sure I don't get bored. I went out yesterday and did 22 minutes - 5 min jog, 10 sets of 15 seconds upped pace and 60 seconds slow pace, 5 min jog. It was the first time since the first few weeks of C25K where I was puffing and had to push myself through. Felt like hell at the time but I REALLY enjoyed that sense of achievement at the end! At the same time I know I didn't push it too much as only did 22 minutes and 2.77km overall so much less than my normal runs.

    Maybe seeing what happens for a few weeks is the way forward! Thanks for your input, it's very helpful to know how others found their way after graduating.

  • I've done just one park run. Didn't pb but it did involve a big hill- twice- and I usually run flat. I didn't overly enjoy being out with a group either so I'm slightly concerned for my races! I am tempted by the medals though! And 2 of them are as charity fundraisers :)

  • Sorry for hijacking your post, sparky66!!

  • No worries happy to help :)

  • Wow Jt.. you've done great!!!

    Actually I have a 5k race for life Sunday coming.. first for me.. bit nervous as I've never ran with anyone never mind a race.. :) but I'm looking forward to it!! Then I'm not sure after that.. Will look into some ideas get from here.. don't know if I fancy the follow on to 10k .. seems a bit bitty for me.. just get my race out done and hopefully see from there :)

    Thanks yes I'm with oldfloss..just get out and see where get to xxx

  • Once I'm out there and into it I actually prefer the feel of 10k. I settle down into a better plod! I did it just because I thought 'heck, why not?!' Not sure if I want to go any longer, I don't want to 'over commit' my time.

    Good luck for the race :)

  • Yay Sparky !

    Well done for putting those gremlins well and truly in their place ! :-) xxx

  • Sorry sparky66 just jumped sideways in a reply on your post!

    The good thing is the 'rotten tomato' run is behind you, reckon you'll smash RFL :)

    Try not to over-analyse it, chuck it in Pam's f#!k it bucket and go kick ass on the next one ;)

    Good luck :)

  • I know where is the delightful Pam? Must message her x

  • But you did it sparky 'coz you're a C25K'er 👏

  • Yip Ip.. we sure are a tough bunch.. x

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