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The voices!!

Just completed W6 R3 and it was the first time I've had to argue with the voices in my head telling me to stop!

I had lots of things to distract me from the boredom of the treadmill; music in my ears, tv with subtitles in front of me, people swimming in the pool below, and men grunting whilst body building behind me (!), but at the 8 minute mark I all i could hear were the voices telling me that I wasn't going to be able to get to the end!

I battled through to the half way point, even then telling myself that if i just got to the 20 minute mark I could always do the 25 minutes again, until I hit the last 6 minutes or so and finally convinced myself to ignore the sods and push through to the end!

I'm hoping that they don't make an appearance again over the next 3 weeks! But at least I've learned today that I can shut them up!

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Well done there! The voices yes I know them! I call them my little chickadees, they started as rather evil looking beasts, but now...well now they only speak when spoken too!

All the best to you



I had these in week 1 just running for 1 minute so well done for pushing through that long! (I actually think it was my lungs talking - the poor sods were in severe shock :-)


Well done for ignoring them!


Hi New i havent had any problem with voices! Mainly my knees to be honest. You are doing well though so keep going, Ed


Good for you Newrunneram, the voices always get me when I'm going uphill.

They are Probably easier to ignore when you run outside and know that you still have to get home if you stop, may as well keep going huh?

The body builders sound interesting though, have you tried running backwards :-o


Well done for pushing on and ignoring them - the voices and the body builders, that is!


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