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Really disappointed in myself

Today was W7R1, I only did W6R3 yesterday but to fit them all in with a bust weekend I had to go out again today. My running partner wasn't in work today, my legs were tired from yesterday and frankly I my heart wasn't in it. I battled through to about 10 mins and then my body just stopped, it didn't seem a conscious effort, my legs just stopped running. I continued on to complete the 25 mins with intermittent running but stopped about another 4 times for about a minute or two each time. I don't know what went wrong, I've never failed on a run so far and was so pleased yesterday when I did the 25 mins and Laura told me I was a runner. Really worried now won't be able to complete the course. Next run is on Friday and nervous already. Also due to holidays I won't be able to run with my running partner for over two weeks and that normally definitely makes me stay more focused. Any tips - would swapping to my own music help ? :(

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Recovery days are in the plan for a good reason! Legs need to recover!

Don't be down, just write if off to experience. No reason at all that you shouldn't complete the programme - a few days here or there don't make any difference at all. A few months after graduation, when your legs are more adapted to running, you may find you can run on consecutive days (though it's still likely to be harder work), but during the programme, most of us need that break - I needed 2 or 3 days sometimes in the later weeks too.

I did some of the later week runs without music (I know that doesn't suit everyone, but it did suit me - just me and my watch), but I did listen to each podcast at least once, as I didn't want to miss hearing anything good from Laura! :)


It's probably because you done 2 long runs in 2 days. Give yourself time to recover, it doesn't matter if you don't do it in 9 weeks. Couldn't you try the next run on Saturday instead on Friday to give you extra time to recover. You've got this far so you will be able to complete. I've just completed week 7 and still find it quite hard at the start of the run. Week 8 will start Friday. Good luck.


I agree with Greenlegs - put it behind you. In our strive to finish and complete we sometimes expect to much of our bodies - just to tick off the next run off the list. And sometimes it is just a bad running day. Choose your next route carefully so it is a pleasant as possible - I find when I am struggling I go back to Laura to give me the confidence to do it - without Laura encouraging me I find it all to easy to give in.

Happy running- keep at it- you are nearly there.x


Great advise from everyone, don't push yourself too hard and if the whole course takes more than 9 weeks then so be it. I have just finished week 7 and definitely need a rest day in between each run, I would really struggle if I try to run in consecutive days. Stick with it and you'll get there!


Thank you all for your comments and advice. I will try and not get disheartened and give it another go in Friday. Unfortunately I can't wait until Saturday as we are going away and wouldn't fit a run in. I'm not precious about the 9 weeks as I've had to have time off due to injury and repeated some to fit in with my partner but I will keep the final goal posts in sight. Thanks for all your encouragement, already feeling more positive x


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