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Late night, early morning

So I had a later night than usual (which included a few drinks), and it was a real struggle to get out of bed this morning. My alarm went off at 6am and I had that argument with myself about whether I should get up and run. Sensible head won, though I was obviously still half asleep as I initially left the house without my ipod!

I eventually got on my way, and found the first 8 minutes OK, but the 2nd 8 were much harder. Also I didnt time it quite right as I had to do the last minute of the run, doing laps of a carpark.

Next up is the dreaded W5R3. I'll have to do it on a treadmill as I'll be away (and not allowed to leave the hotel!). I'm not really sure how my pacing will go, but I'm just trying to think PMA!

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Well done on completing it nonetheless Slater and good luck on the treadmill for R3!


Good luck for w5r3, you will be ready for it and you will amaze yourself!


I struggled with R2 but found R3 much easier as I am sure you will too. Good luck Jx


Run Slater run! :-) wishing you a sucessful R3!!


Haha that made me laugh gdeann! Thanks for the support everyone!


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