How can I not be put off by the hunky Gazelle like man on the Treadmill?????!!!!!

So I'm at the gym and in he walks, Gazelle man as we like to call him, as graceful as you like and gets on the treadmill. I'm plodding along and looking decidedly fat, frumpy, sweaty and puffed. I try not to look but I can't stop my eyes wondering....why do they put all those mirrors there? He is going so fast and his calf muscles are so, well, firm ;) I seem to be forever struggling with either my floppy fringe or the bloody annoying ipod arm band which keeps pinching my arm and yet he's still running gazelle like and majestic like nothing can stop him!!! Argh why can't I run like that?! I'm sure he sees me peeking at him, I bet he has a little chuckle to himself!! Well I raise my speed a bit to 10.5 for a couple of minutes then slow down to a trot for a bit, I'm so hot and I look just awful, BUT Oh the joy He stops running and gets off the treadmill, I feel like I've won!!!!! Then he gets on the cross trainer and my victory is cut short :(

Anyway, as nice as it is to have something of great beauty to look at whilst working out my question is, "How can I stop him putting me off"? He makes me feel so rubbish!!!!!


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21 Replies

  • Don't let him make you feel rubbish - just enjoy the scenery!!! ;-)

  • I try but he makes me go all wobbly ! ha ha! :)

  • Have to agree with lucylocket10...don't feel rubbish...think about all that you have achieved!!! Keep enjoying the least he's good for something!! :)

  • I've got an ipod pouch/holder thing that clips to my leggings, bought from sports shop; you might prefer it to the arm one that's tight.

    Don't you just love hunks in the gym ;) (blimey 'hunk' is an oldfashioned word!)

  • You did win! the cross trainer is way easier than running

  • oooh, you think?!!:)

  • Imagine you're chasing him and when you catch him you'll be allowed to keep him as a plaything...................

  • Now there are two ways of viewing this:

    A. The gazelle hunk use to look like this photo


    B. Just stand there, or walk there fantasing about what you would like him to do with you. ;)

  • It's a plan :) Off to the gym in a bit Hurrah!!!!

  • Ha ha - what a picture!

  • Good grief, I need a cold shower after reading this! Why are there no gazelle hunks at my gym? I always seem to get next to the fat guy with builders bum flicking sweat all over as he goes.

  • Maybe the fat guy is eating all your leftover kebabs? ;)

  • Yes no talent at my gym either :( Just a man in a pair of very very short shorts which caused me and the girl on the next machine to exchange amused glances. He shouldn't have been wearing them - well, when I say that I mean he should have been wearing longer ones - ha ha!

    Greg - are you here????

  • Oh Ruff, I don't think it's possible he looked like that picture but it did make me laugh and I know I will chuckle when I see him! :)

  • i read this at 6.30 am this morning and it made me lol nothing like a bit of tottie to look at while u work yummy lol :)

  • Alas he was nowhere to be seen today, just an old woman walking on my left and a young lad trotting on my right, no comparison......gutted ;)

  • No talent at my gym either - damn you, economy fitness centres!!!

  • Maybe Mr. Hunky Gazelle was admiring *you* when he caught you looking at him! You may feel self-conscious, but I saw your picture: your "floppy fringe" of pretty red hair may be all he thinks about now. ;) New running partner perhaps? I bet you would have extra motivation to run with eye candy like that.

  • I doubt it, I look like a sack of spuds in my gym gear plus no make up= YUCK! Thanks though!!:)

  • I know where he is. He's not at home rigt now. He's in Australia. That man is me!!!

    Oh. Just checked... He's not me. Damn. I'd love to be thought of as a gazelle though!

  • I am laughing out loud!!!!! :)

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