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So glad my alarm didn't go off this morning!

My hubby had an 11.00am appointment in the city centre this morning and I had promised to go with him (hold his hand and all that). So I set my alarm for 7.00am so that I would get a good run in before heading off to the appointment. Well when you're retired you don't need a wake up call very often and I thought I had set the clock but forgot to take the stop switch off.

Thank goodness I did, I slept in, missed my run and missed breaking my neck or ankle on all the ice that was on the roads and pavements. Someone up there is looking after me just now, thank you so much. :) The pavements were still icy at 10.00am but at that time you could see it at 7.30am I wouldn't have, phew!!. Time to get into the gym I think, dreaded treadmill here I come.

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I went indoors today - not quite brave enough for the ice. I found to treadmill fine, got next to a window so i could drift away :)


I've been away for a couple of weeks in warmer climates, managed to get to the gym a couple of times and despite it being about 25 degrees inside tried the stepping stone podcast - first time since I started this programme I ran on the treadmill.

Have come back full of inspiration to start trying to train for a 10K but received a cold surprise this morning and decided that perhaps outside is not the best idea. I was only put off by the cold but hadn't given the ice a second thought !!

I'll heed your warning and move inside for now, better to be safe than in a cast over Christmas ;-)


Yep ice is not funny and black ice is a real hazzard. If it snows I can get my spikes on and run up through the forest tracks which is lovely. Until then though treadmill here I come.


Loving outside in the frost and ice, but being extra careful. Currently minus 2 degrees just now outside, can't wait to run tomorrow.

be careful all.


Oldgirl it was meant to be! I do hope your hubby's appointment went well and was good news.

Thinking of you.

Colette x


Thanks Colette, yes everything is fine. Its now confirmed he does NOT have a hearing of convenience he is slightly deaf and needs a hearing aid, been telling him for years but all I ever got was "Eh" !! :)


Same with my hubby, hee,hee! He just won't admit to needing hearing aids. He wears glasses, so what's the difference? I wear both, and have done for the past 20 years! Just what is it with people and deafness? Really get fed-up with the attitude.

Hopefully when he gets his hearing aids he will actually wear them! Men are so vain-always a problem. So glad it has been soughted though :-).

Colette xx


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