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No Laura!!!πŸ˜€

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Today I took on the challenge of W8 without Laura. I just felt I need a bit more energy from the music in my earphones so hubby compiled a playlist for me. Set my Tom Tom watch and away I went listening to Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, BeyoncΓ© to name just a few πŸ˜€ Was fun and can't believe I jogged for 28 Minutes!!!! W1 R1 was so hard and never thought I would get to this stage. Thank you everyone for all the great and motivating posts that keep me encouraged to continue and start to believe that I CAN do this!!! THANK YOU

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Yes you can....and you are doing it..Brilliant!

So close...the badge is out of it's boxπŸ˜ƒ


Ooooo I'm planning on doing same tomorrow for my W8 R3. Very excited..... And well done your doing so well

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Well done you as well, badge is almost in touching distance

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Whoa, when did you do r2? 😬

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That was r2 , can't believe it's so close that the end of the programme is now in sight!


Go girl. You can do it! I've got Jo Wiley urging me on and she's great. W8R2 for me tomorrow so we're both close. It's exciting and, for me, a little but unbelievable. 😳

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Unbelievable for me as well, can't believe it's really happening. Enjoy your run tomorrow!

Of course you can do it..Well done Jane.

Hubbys are good with the techno stuff aren't they.😊

Keep on running...not long to go now.😊


Laura is amazing but the time comes when we can do it without her. Once the intervals are done, it is pretty easy to just run. I sometimes listen to music but most times run in silence, sounds strange at first but I like it as it is relaxing! Great tracks though, bet you felt like Wonder Woman!!

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Not sure I could run without music but I guess it would be relaxing. Not quite Wonder Woman but almost feeling that I have been able to achieve something I would never have dreamt was possible, it's an amazing thought


I dumped Laura, at about last summer. I found a pod cast by a cheery American woman who had much better taste in music wierdly lots of British indie stuff.After graduating I found 80s power ballards worked well for improving pace. Now a year on I mostly run with no music at all. Well done on completing week 8.

I look forward to your graduation post.

Well done and great to listen to your own music at last πŸ˜€Not long now to graduation!

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Yes the end is just around the corner, can't believe I am thinking about running for 30 minutes in positive wayπŸ˜€ w1 was so hard and didn't really think I would get to this point of the programme πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

I think Laura purposefully makes the music rubbish as a friendly way of saying goodbye πŸ˜‚

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Like that thought jingle_berry, waving goodby to Laura, never ever dreamt in a million years I would be close to completing this challenge

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