Park runners have you put "NHS Couch to 5K" as your club

Just wondering if all the Park runners on here have put NHS Couch to 5K as their running club on their park run registration/profile I did when I registered as I saw in another post that NHS Couch to 5K is recognised on the Park run website. I have just looked on the Park Run website under "largest clubs" under the results tab and NHS Couch to 5K is third from bottom with 364 runners, surely we can move ourselves up the list a bit, come on people give it a try and update your running club on your profile if you have not done so already.


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22 Replies

  • Yep, and I'm the only one at both of my local parkruns!

  • So am I DM hence the post in case people don't know they can do it

  • Great job ewm, we'll soon boost those numbers! ;-)

  • I hadn't even thought of that! Great suggestion ☺

  • Just altered my details :)

  • i'm one of the 364

  • I'm one of the 364 too. So is my daughter.

  • Good idea. I looked on the South African Parkrun website, and see that they don't have NHS Couch to 5K listed, which I think is a bit of a scandal, considering that this is one of the biggest international running clubs on Earth. I must talk to the organisers of our local run next week about this.

  • Well done Gary spread the word.

  • I do! Well, when I'm racing that is

  • By that MW do you mean when you run in organised events I.e. 5K & 10 K charity runs rather than the weekly park runs

  • I changed mine a couple of weeks ago, struggled to find it on the list.

  • Just amended my details.

  • I'm on mine - and seen another 2 names on the results list but there are usually 500+ running so not much chance of finding them.

  • I'm one of the ones already. It would be so good to see us further up the list.

  • i'm on it! but only see one other last time i looked on our local one! good campaign thought! :)

  • Parkrun as well. You can nominate NHS C25k as your running group.

  • Just added it to mine.

  • Having done this, it has updated my running history to link me to the club. It's also possible to see all the people who ran in a given week, listing their times / parkrun venues. Nice to see some pretty good times last weekend.

  • Hi Coddfish how do you access the site to see all the results for a given week for NHS C25K runners?

  • I think I have found out how to do it now, click on the club on the Park run result page for the week. Doh!

  • Yes that's right!

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