Have you changed your Parkrun running club to NHS Couch to 5km yet?

If you wish to use NHS c25k as your running club and are already registered.

On the Park Run newsletter you should be receiving under the 'Your Profile' heading click on 'manage my profile' then on 'update'. Then on the drop down list by running club select 'NHS Couch to 5km' and click on the 'please alter' button at the bottom of the page.


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12 Replies

  • Done :)

  • Done :-)

  • Done :)

  • Great. Thanks. Any new runners to Park Run can choose 'NHS Couch to 5Km' as their running club on registration.

  • Will do once I feel ready for Parkrun - that might be a while, especially as it contains the same nasty hill 3 times!

  • Register now - run when you're ready!

  • Done :)

  • Done too! I am the only one..imagine the excitement of seeing another C25k runner in the results :)

  • just registered last week and got "my club" in. Looking forward for my first park run this saturday

  • Done! It's great when you see a few other C25Kers in the results!

  • Done!

  • Brilliant thanks so much. I tried and tried but couldn't find it - never thought to look under NHS. Done now xx

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