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Laura vs Runkeeper

Having graduated in June I switched to runkeeper as it gave me stats and info as I progressed however I have found it unreliable, sometimes the info works and sometimes not, likewise with the music via spotify. So today i tried the the 5k+ from NHS back with Laura. While I ran better and longer than before , (new pb time of 40 mins continuous running), I have no stats on how far I ran , my average pace etc this is the info that I was getting with runkeeper.I liked the running to the beat part of the music on the 5K+ and found it helped a lot. I also really loved hearing Laura again, I missed her ! Can anyone suggest how I can get this information but stick with the 5k+ podcast ?

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You could simply play the C25K podcasts as MP3's - and run Runkeeper at the same time( you would have to turn off the option to quieten "music" whenever Runkeeper has something to say via the audio cues. )

It is a bit "fiddly" - but frankly for me the stats are just a bit of a play toy and something to "guide" my thoughts as to how I am doing.


Thanks Bazza1234, good idea, I'll try that tomorrow


Just did exactly that myself today. I don't normally use music in the background - just run quietly by myself and let Runkeeper talk to me - tell me how far I've run and at what average pace. Today I played a collection of songs which are stored in the phone using the standard music player and ran Runkeeper over the top of it - every time Runkeeper had something to tell me, it just muted the music.

However, when I think if it, that would be no good for you - you want to hear all of Laura's instructions - so you would need to turn off the audio cues - just play the podcast and let Runkeeper do it'ss calculation in the background. You will be able to see your stats when you finish the run.


OK , that's a great idea, I will be able to see the stats at the end of the run but hear Laura's voice, which I find reassuring, while I run together with the music she plays for the beat to run to Thanks Bazza1234


You can play both at the same time on your phone. Run keeper just keeps going in the background x


Ok thats a good idea, I'll see if I can make that work next time, what do you use?


I did used to use run keeper & lauras podcasts at the same time going to try map my run instead of runkeepee next run though as recently signed up to Bounts :)


I dont know Bounts, is it also a free app?


Its an app to earn money for exercise. You link your activity apps to it and get points each time you do something. I've had £20 in amazon vouchers so far.

My referrer code is maltby-cottrell766



Unless runkeeper gives live feedback of the current situation, you could get all that info by just marking out your run on a map program like Marble (free as in freedom, as well as free as in free beer), and then just using a calculator or small spreadsheet. It's a bit of work, but not that much.

I would imagine your average time is calculated simply as total distance / total time. The podcast has a fixed time (which you could determine a bit more accurately by putting it in a PC music player, for instance, if you really wanted), so all that's missing is distance.

It's another matter if the app you were using gave you splits. For that, the hard way would require you to note down/ memorise the change points ... probably too much of a distraction from the joy of just running along.


I use Runtastic Pro - mainly because Runkeeper et al only support low energy bluetooth which my phone doesn't do. Don't think there is really that much to choose though - put the voice coach on today after nearly killing myself going too fast last week and managed to stay at a nice steady pace - far more sensible for someone of my vintage ;-). So get Laura's music and encouragement with Runtastic telling me how fast I'm going and any number of other useful snippets every 500m.

Was going to attach pictures of the stats but can't work out how to do it (how embarrassing!! :-()

eta - nope, still can't make it work... here they are the old fashioned way...


Thanks everyone, as always this forum is a great source of support and encouragement My challenge now is to research Marble/Runtasticpro/Bounts as well as trying Laura and runkeeper at the same time and work out what works best for me !

I have come down with heavy summer cold /laryngitis and feeling wiped out so will take a few days rest before putting my running shoes on again.


Hi I am only on week 3 but I have done the following.

Old smart phone with no sim

Downloaded podcasts

Installed runkeeper

Start them both at the same time

Bingo !

I hear Laura and runkeeper too

All my stats are logged and backed up over the wifi as soon as I get home !!

All works well for me.


SNAP - did the same today for the first time and did my best run ever , I really like the beat of the music and Laura's encouraging voice. Love the stats too as I find the info very encouraging. Thanks for the reply :)


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