The Secret is Out

Just completed a solid week 3 but my attempt to train in secret has been thwarted. My daughter - who I took into my confidence - let the cat out of the bag. I have to fight off my other half from taking over my "training" because he aint Josh Clark! You can see it - he wants to push me further and faster. Fending him off from my C25K is more challenging than the actually doing the training.


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  • Why don't you make a deal something like this: From now till you graduate, your way, Laura is your trainer, and you are her supervisor, stopping her from making you do excessively impossible things. Then (and this is the hard bit for you), he has permission to try out for the job of personal trainer for the week that follows. If he proves himself, he's allowed to continue a bit (probably till you both get tired of it), and if he injures you, he's fired. Might cost you an injury post-graduation, but at least it settles the issue for once and for all in a definite way.

    Hmm ... that's probably a less realistic solution than an alternative like going on holiday to Mars for the next year, and returning when you're ready. Reality is never that tidy.

  • Mars it is then! I have seen him injured too many times to want to contemplate the alternative. I am no spring chicken so try very very hard to stay injury free. Although, if I were to become injured he could stand the cost of the sport's physio that he has to visit from time to time.

  • I am terrible the only people I like to run with are in events and then I run for myself. My other half runs so much faster than me when he runs that I find it sole destroying to go out with him. Originally I had this thought of running through fields and wild places together, the reality is we walk those places instead of running.

  • Absolutely, got to run for myself - especially in these early days. As for soul destroying - I remember only too well regularly coming nearly last in cross country at school and how that felt!

  • Speaking from experience here - be firm and totally ignore him. I adore my husband but his repeated attempts to make me do more / make comparisons against his own running drove me insane. It came from a good place as he was excited for me and proud but, as you've noted, you risk injury or simply turning yourself off. He has since apologised and blamed it on his testosterone!!!! Keep strong and stick to the programme and your own pace. I'm sure your family are ( and will continue to be ) very proud ☺

  • hi their may i say that you do what you want to do and tell you other half your way, your time, and at your speed it least your training which you do at your pace. its terrible when your own daughter can't keep a secret i'm very sorry that you are having to go through this when your doing your best my heart goes out to you kind regards bigalan

  • Oh flipping eck! I would not be best pleased about that! Some folk can't hold water can they. Tsk

    It's your running plan! Not his. Take control and if necessary tell him to butt out. Politely of course. You can run together at a time of your choosing.

    Trying to do too much too soon would take all the fun out of it, so it's you and Laura. Have fun!

  • My husband offered when I started, and I turned him down for much the same readons - I just knew he would be a lot faster than me and it would be hard to do my own thing. He did start running after I graduated and as I assumed, he is much faster than me. We do sometimes go out together, doing the same or similar routes at our own pace and meeting up again at the end.

  • I am very lucky in this regard. My husband is glued to the couch, and when I described C25K to him gave me a look of utter horror. There is no problem with him wanting to "help" me or take this over - much more of a problem trying to walk past his crisps, snacks, sweets and chocolate mountain. I worry about his lack of exercise, but occasionally get him to join me for a swim, or a walk if it involves new territory and maps.

    Keep at it Sloughmotion (nice name, by the way). Maybe a way to tackle this issue is to point out that this is "you" time, giving you a chance to think your own thoughts, a thing that can be quite rare in our busy lives.

  • Your husband sounds about the same as mine PFW! He will hardly walk anywhere either and he's always asking how much further. Tut

  • Mine too, the only bit of his body he exercises is his right arm - lifting the beer to is lips...he tells people I do enough exercise for two... I say he talks enough for two...

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