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Ahh, the secret is out!!

I was preparing myself for W9R2 today. I watched the last 25 minutes of the Olympic women's marathon and was so inspired!! However, after doing a little reading yesterday on increasing speed and watching and listening to commentators today discussing stride... I was all pumped up...

So I set out today with a new goal... increase my speed. I started out slightly faster in warm up and increased my speed throughout my run..

And what was more important is that I did it. What was the secret?? Well, maybe it is not a secret but rather a revelation (at least to me)... all those things I was hearing... increase stride... the commentators talking of floating effortlessly... the article I read about pushing off with the big toe to increase stride... they all worked!

Ok so I am still a tortoise.. but a tortoise who is floating on air ;) Now I have something to work on!!

One run to graduation :o

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Glad to see it's all coming together for you, runcanada!

You are doing sooooo good!

Have fun! Shiny green badge for YOU this week, eh?


Absolutley... I am so anxious to say I completed it.. ;0 even wondering if I could manage it tomorrow evening lololol. :)


Well done!!

I don't think I would ever make running look effortless (too busy looking red & sweaty!) oh well...

Good luck for your graduation run :)


Oh now, that is what the commentators said.. I was trying to float but with lots of effort...hehe. But I do have techniques to perfect.. and my face couldn't be any redder.. .. thanks :)


Pushing off with big toe... increase stride... will try to remember that for my next run. :) Any more tips?


Legion... I wasn't focused on really moving my arms either until today to help with the propelling.

I really think because I am short, very short, don't think I even make the 5 foot mark anymore... age is lovely when you shrink.. that I take very short strides. Even when I walk with friends who have lovely long legs, when they walk at a very brisk pace I cannot keep up.. feel like I have to jog to their stride.. So today my focus was getting the air beneath my feet, really focusing on pushing myself into long strides but with a floating effort, if that makes sense. Interesting though, in the last 5 mintues when I was really tired it was hard to focus on the log strides and felt myslef reverting to my habit of short strides..


Good luck on your graduation run. Can't wait for my 1st post graduation run tomorrow!


Well done. I am starting week 9 tomorrow and also upped my pace for the last run of week 8. Good luck xxx


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