Couch to 5K

W10 (!) - Now I'm a graduate who should I go out with?

My graduation treat after cheering at the appearance of my badge (Thank You!) was to spend some time compiling half an hour of different music to run to. I'll miss Julie but no doubt we'll meet up again from time to time.

Laura and Poppy are, of course, my favourite running companions but since my bust up with Endomondo App (he's the strong, silent type but kept failing to keep a record of my run, he never encouraged me as I ran and I didn't have the time to put into the relationship) I have wondered whether I should go dating again?

I've been introduced to Noom (thanks PatButcher). He's more chatty, a deep brown voice who keeps telling me how long I've been running, what my miles per hour is and how far we've gone together. We set off on our first run, he did a countdown and we were off. Poppy's glad to get out of the house and happily sets the pace - 3.2 miles per hour intones Noom over my music - not much faster than walking then? Noom doesn't miss much - "training paused" he says as I get hot and stop to take off and hide my jumper in the bushes, "training paused" as I struggle to open the new gate that's been put up on our favourite route (Poppy just jumped through the gate showing off her latest trick), "training paused" as Poppy ... well you get the picture. Running round Poppy in circles while she was busy confused him a bit, my distance actually decreased as he got used to our eccentric running style. "50 minutes, 6.7 miles per hour" he said, obviously trying to encourage me, but I knew he was lying - my music only lasts 44 minutes and he must have been taking a snapshot of my pace as I tumbled down the hill after climbing 81 yards (he likes his statistics does Noom). He must have realised we had to be honest with each other and towards the end of the run was egging me on - 1.8, 1.9, 2 miles! I was so distracted by my new companion I forgot to come back via the same route so had an extra detour to retrieve my jumper. My run took 32 minutes today and as the music was harmonising "Glorious Day!" I agreed that it was.

Knowing how far I've run does put a new slant on things - I could aim for 2.1 miles next week! My smartphone is a bit of a thickphone and throws a wobbly every now and then, it rang itself and took a picture of the inside of my pocket as it jiggled among the keys and dog treats today. I'd like to work out how to change miles to km so I can reach the giddy heights of 5k. I missed Laura's encouraging tones - "you can do this" ... and I'm looking forward to the new podcasts - wonder if Julie will be there?

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I love your posts becki...i think you're completely bonkers :)


Thanks! My kids tell me that too, I warned them that bonkers is hereditary.


I love them too, I have a lovely dog and would love to take her running, but she is too old and couldn't hack the pace bless her!!!! I always look out for your blogs x. Wk 7 tomorrow!!


Lovely blog !

Who's Noom ?


Thanks for your encouragement. Noom is like my ex, Endomondo, an app on my thickphone.


You not having much look with those boy apps are ya

Maybe Julie knew them once too?



I've been reading your blogs ... Is there a Dave app?


:) lol thinking of developing one, he wants to call it Dapp'y lol


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