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Finished week 8

Hooray - week 8 done - and the last one was the easiest. Definitely easier when listening to my music choices using to get a consistent rhythm.

Starting to think about what to do after I complete the last three runs. I'm pretty slow so I think I'll make sure I can run for 40 mins (my estimate for 5K). I might also try some more hilly rural routes.

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Congratulations - so near now! It's very encouraging to hear that the last one was the easiest too.


Well done! Nearly there. Hope the snow doesn't put you off too long.


Cheers Fenwith! It's nice your looking ahead to post graduation. I think your plan of adding more time sounds like a good solid plan. Have you considered running an organized 5K? It will help build your confidence up to know you can do the distance. My first organized 5K was 39 min. Great going! Gayle


Hey we'll done!

Next couple of runs will fly by!



Well done!


Good work not far now !!



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