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Week 5 Run 3!!!

I actually run for 20 minutes :D It was pretty difficult but that was mainly down to a stitch I got half way through. I really need to learn to stop eating breakfast before going running.

In the final 5 mins I kept asking myself why do I do this to myself and then when I'm home I'm so chuffed to have done 20 mins, I can't wait to go out on the next run :p

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I always eat breakfast before runs but I don't go out the door til 60-90 minutes are up and then I head out. I get the chores done while my breakfast digests, so the time soon passes


Well done on that 20 min run! Hopefully the first of many long runs.

As miswobble says - I wouldn't skip breakfast entirely until you are very well accustomed to running. Your body gradually learns to use stored energy just like it adapts to running in so many other ways, but they all take time. Best would be to keep your breakfast fairly light, make sure you are well hydrated (tea and coffee are not great for that) and give it time to digest before you run.

Happy running!



So far, to me, that 20 minute run is looking more and more like it was the crown of the hill, all the time. It's a huge step. Never again will you make a jump like that (although I suppose when you one day start on the marathons you might). I found it really daunting, and it's a great feeling to survive it, isn't it? :-)

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Congrats! Completed W5R3 this morning, too. Feels great, doesn't it?

Keep up the great work.


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