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W8R1 - adapted!

Has been just over a week since I complete week 7 and I've almost been on the injury couch! I had a real hip twinge and as I'm hypermobile (esp in that hip) I decided to have a few extra rest days!

I went circuit training the other night and all felt fine, first time I've been in an age and I was amazed at how much easier I found the cardio side of things! When I got home I realised it was a lovely evening so I attempted a run but my hip wasn't right so I did 20 mins.

Tonight I decided to attempt W8R1 and all was fine until about 20 mins in and I felt my hip slightly nagging so I decided to take a walking break for a couple mins and then ran the rest! So even though I didn't fully complete it I'm still happy with my effort! My breathing felt a lot more comfortable and my running pace/gait felt really good too! Am just going to stick with week 8 until I can complete it properly! :)

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Take care of them hips! I was on the injury couch for 5 weeks with hip flexor problem after I graduated and it did my head in. I find good post run stretching is crucial and am working more on my core. I carried on running with hip pain and am sure i should have rested more, in hindsight, a wonderful thing! Hopefully you'll suddenly be ok, but take care, rest, stretch!


Yes lots of stretching!! Pretty sure I stretch for longer than I run! haha!


Good! That all sounds very positive except for the hip niggle. You might need a few days off as it does sound irritated.

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