Advice on fatigue / aching muscles Week 8

Hey guys :-)

I'm new to this group. This is the 4th time I've tried and the furthest I've ever got with the C25K program, so I'm feeling Proud! Not one stitch this time, or sore back etc.

I'm on Week 8 now and I have been having rest days religiously as advised, I've been having a banana about an hour before a run which I feel helps, and I keep hydrated.

Yesterday though I started off and felt tired, I just tried to ignore it and keep going as I thought I just needed to wait for my body to warm up, however the whole run was a draining struggle (28 mins now) and I felt miserable. I have been enjoying it all so far, C25K has made me feel so happy, fit, proud, up until this point. So I'm a bit worried / disheartened. 

Anyway, got back from run and almost passed out(!!) but didn't, had some water, hit the shower, ate some food, felt a little better, but still totally drained. Thought later in evening go for a little walk for some fresh air but after 5 mins had to return home as felt like sleeping on my feet!

Woke up this morning feeling a bit better. Feel cardiovascularly ok - no chest pain or anything, lungs clear but EVERY muscle in my body aches not just my legs. 

My plan is to have 2 rest days instead of 1 (as had to do that a few weeks ago too due to general tiredness) to see if that helps, going to do some strength training too. I've been averaging 1800 calories a day and trying to get 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein as recommended but according to an online calculator I should be eating 2100 calories??!! (As enjoy walking on my rest days). 

Any advice though?  As I've never felt so awful on this plan yet, and I don't want to not reach 5k!! 

Thanks x


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13 Replies

  • Firstly, forget the 5K... the programme is about running for thirty minutes for your Week 9 runs... slow and steady... and thirty minutes.

    If you know you are physically well, then you may either be pushing yourself too far, and too fast, or you could be sickening for something.

    You are on Week 8.... why disheartened...? Your mind is working against you.... ignore it and turn those thoughts around.

    Look how far you have got, even feeling like you do...celebrate the journey so far.

    Take your two rest days, do some simple strength and flex exercises. Find a mantra to repeat in your head, to just keep you going...and slow and steady.

    " Don't stop because you are tired... keep going, because you are almost there..."

    You can do this :)

  • Aww thank you Oldfloss! You have helped me find my PMA (positive mental attitude) again :-)  I just have to keep reminding myself that I am nearly there! Think you're right that I've been pushing too far too fast. So will try slow it down on next run.

    Going to listen to my body more and hopefully after couple rest days be ok.

    Thanks again 😊

  • You go for it,,,, hang in there and keep going...:) Keep posting too.. it does help knowing folk are supporting you :)

  • Sore muscles are part of life's rich pageant when you are a runner, I'm afraid. Some days it is a minor background intereference, some days it feels like you have been trampled by wild horses. Usually you can see a direct correlation between effort and ache: if you run further, faster one day, you ache more the next, but sometimes it is just a cumulative buildup and for no obvious reason you wake up feeling like you have been in the much pit at a Slayer concert and it is a struggle to sit up, get up, move etc without crying out. 

    Doing some strength training is definitely to be encouraged, but is not going to be a cure for your DOMS - if anything quite the reverse. But do do it anyway. Definitely take an extra rest day, take 3 if you are still really suffering. Don't worry about losing your Gainz - they're not going to go away. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. 

    1800 calories sounds quite lowish unless you are deliberately in calorie deficit for weight loss. 50/30/20 split had me physically quaking. That is an enormous amount of carbs, and very little protein.  My macros are exactly the reverse of that. I would strongly suggest you increase your protein. Your muscles are repairing and rebuilding and growing every day from this exercise, and it is protein that is the building block of that.  

  • Ok thank you very much :-) 

    Will up my protein & decrease carbs. Feeling very positive now. 

  • Good advice from everyone as always- one extra thing, everyone has bad runs sometimes, and there appears to be no reason for it. Probably next time out you will be dreading it with the memory of this bad run- but it's likely if you go with positivity you'll probably have a great run. You can slow down or walk if needed- no one is making you do this except you and lots of people repeat runs until they're confident about them. 

    Try a few positive mantras as well - 'I'm so lucky to be able to do this programme / be able to use my body' 'it's amazing to be outside in this weather' 'wow I can remember the first minute of week one was so tough and look at me now' 'I can do whatever run I want to- change the length of time, have a walk, change my route- it's up to me' 

    Hopefully you will be able to enjoy it! 😀

  • Hey, just a bad run. We all get them for a variety of reasons - perhaps you are coming down with a bug. 

    You are so close now - nothing will stop you from graduating. Put it behind you and move on. 

  • " one extra thing, everyone has bad runs sometimes, and there appears to be no reason for it."


    and this applies to everthing, all the time. Part of my workout this morning involved max effort Clean & Jerk. I was feeling quite positive about doing this and was hoping to increase my personal best from 80 to 90kg. In the event I could not even get the 80kg bar up to the shoulder. Had about a dozen tries, dropped back to 70 and 75 but still failed to rack the 80. Is this a retrograde step? Does it mean I am getting weaker? No, it just means I managed 75 today. Next time I may well hit my target.

    Going to eat ALL the protein now.

  • Agree with all the above. You will do it - you are so close and maybe it was just a bad run. Or maybe you're coming down with something. Take an extra rest day or two and sleep it off. You won't lose fitness, and quite often resting more makes you stronger. 

  • Don't worry! I remember having some awful runs too- but you got to the end! Tough runs make tough runners! Have a rest and stick to what has worked up till now. You will be great!

  • Thank you all so much!

    I really appreciate all your help 

  • Hi Traceyanne !

    Some brilliant advice on here as always. Take a couple of rest days, sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason, there are good runs and not so good runs, sometimes we have to dig really deep and others just seem to fall into place .

    You are doing brilliantly , have a rest and then see how you go on.

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you <3 

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