Week 1 run 1

Well, my trainers arrived and I went out today, Saturday arvo and I managed 18 minutes of the first podcast and for me, who has never really ran anywhere, that was an achievement to complete 4 one minute runs. I was completely knackered! I think in the back of my head I'm a bit worried about my knees but I will keep going over the first run until I complete it! I am determined! :) I would love to hear from anyone further ahead or graduated who didn't complete the first session and is now a mean lean running machine! Cheers!

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  • I found week one really hard too. Slowing down (to slower than I was walking!) was what made all the difference.

    I started mid December, and today I did my first parkrun, running 5k in amongst other people - pretty scary, but also really, really good. I'm still slow, but I can keep going, and I really love it.

    Just keep getting out there, and go slow if you need to (that's good for the knees too). That's all there is to it! :)

  • Thanks. I must say I wasn't going that fast prob like a fast walk but even then I wouldn't say it was as fast as that. I'm sure as my confidence grows I will do better but that was better than nothing I guess. I don't mind if I don't break the 4 minute mile I would just be glad to get to where u are now! Thanks for the positive comment! :)

  • I'm on my second time round with couch to 5k, on week 6 now and have to keep reminding myself that 6 weeks ago I was struggling to run 1 minute. Keep with the programme because it does work, the sense of achievement of seeing your progress week after week is great. Look forward to hearing about your progress.

  • Cheers for that! I think I am gonna be on week one for a while but I will persevere! :)

  • I found w1 r1 the hardest and it has honestly got easier since then. Keep on going and run slowly, really slowly! I got that advice from people on here and it helped a lot :-)

  • Yes I'm sure it will get easier I just need to keep thinking positively! Cheers!

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