Couch to 5K

W2 R1 - ouch!!

Went out for my first run of week 2 and everything was great apart from one thing. I noticed on w1r3 that my calf on my left leg was getting a tight feeling like the muscle was ceasing up. Today is was very painful and almost had a numb feeling. I thought my leg was going to give up and collapse from under me.

My question is did anyone else experience this and have they had any improvement? I finished the session purely because the walks allowed me time to give the calf a bit of a rest but I'm worried about up and coming weeks.

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Are you stretching before you go?

I do a few stretches just as I leave the house and a few stretches on the warm walk up if its felling a bit tight.

I have a big stretch after i get back as well now, keeps the niggley aches at bay


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