Couch to 5k+ - caution!

If like me you are riding high on that post grad Buzz, & searching for more lovely Laura lessons, a word of caution!

Firstly, I managed the course over 14 weeks, never having to give up or repeat a run, inside, outside, over hills & dales! so felt pretty confident I could handle any 5 k run. Well...yesterday I tried the stepping stones podcast & Laura turned into an evil smiling masochist!!! (I could hear her smiling ) Running at a pace I used to dance to 20+ years ago, uphill in the heat....nearly killed me, so had to stop for a walk after 15 minutes running. Started up again after about 4 minutes and managed another 7 but had to ignore her 1, 2, 3, 4 @ 160 beats. When it was finally over I sweat pools of water for at least 25 minutes.

Lesson learned I shall now be running a few weeks at my own pace with a timed run, and give her another go when I need a challenge. Just thought I would share :)


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10 Replies

  • I think Laura wouldn't have known about the hills and the heat!😜

  • I totally agree. I've tried stepping stones twice and just can't get that beat in my head.

    iPod and my own pace for the next outing.

  • I would persist with them as they are a really good way of developing your running, and your legs! I did find the beat eventually - but not at first - but I stuck with them as I think they're really good

  • I tried it twice and couldn't do it either....You are not alone !

  • Ooooh. That sounds evil.

    Who'd have thought it of our Laura eh?!

  • I did W9 for about 3 weeks to get some confidence and then tried Stepping Stones - I think that helped because it didn't seem too bad. I prefer Stamina and Speed and still do them occasionally - I go through phases of doing Speed weekly.

    Having said that, I think some people find running to a beat VERY difficult (myself included) and I have concluded that a major factor is the beat being too different from your "natural" cadence (how many steps you take in a minute). Over the next week or so, then try counting your steps for a minute (good for a distraction when you're halfway round a route) and see how far off 160bpm you are. (Or count for 30 seconds and double it). A high cadence and short strides are generally considered to be better.

    But anyway, don't get hung up about it and enjoy your running!

  • exactly how I found it when I 1st tired them after graduation , knocked them on the head then and went and did my own thing , I do now or did start using the speed one which I really like :) but this was after a few months of 5K runs and doing my own thing :D

  • I've really struggled with "stepping stone" and have only managed to complete it on a treadmill not outside. (I find the treadmill easier and there's no hills or excessive heat in the gym.) I read the other day that other people were finding it tricky and I was so pleased it wasn't just me.

    Kasmcc100 started another post about it here:

  • Thanks for your replies, not just me then & think I will try them again sometime in the future ;)

  • Me too, I'm not keen on Stepping Stones but the other two are da biznez!

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