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Treacle covered porridge. But no flies

Not the best of runs tonight. Stepping stones podcast.

I just could not pick up the pace after the 150bpm section. Like running through treacle covered porridge. Laura would count and I was way off the mark. Pace was 10.30 per km.

I had a couple of quitting thoughts run through my head, but I've only done that due to injury before, so I was not going to do it for the doubt fairies.

I know we will have 'bad' runs and I'm putting this one down on that list. After all it is better than no run.

At least there were no flies to crash the party like my last run. 😀

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And there was me thinking your headline was the new superfood for a pre run LOL.

I'm not that advanced yor to know how quick your pace was but as you say it is better than no run.

Tis a lovely eve to be out too


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Well done for completing it! And now that you're a graduate you can choose to do how much or how little you do (which is quite liberating in itself). If you find you don't get on with the podcast, then ditch it and find something you're happier with. I did the same run myself today, and found it quite weird in parts. For some of the tracks I couldn't work out where the beat was, so it was a bit confusing in places. I think I'll try the other two podcasts on my next runs.

It's good that you didn't have any flies though! :-)


Stepping stones was the only c25k+ podcast I tried and it put me off trying the others. I couldn't match my running rhythm to the beat at all, I've obviously got no rhythm. It sounds like it just didn't suit you too. I've heard on here that the other c25k+ podcasts are better though, so maybe chop and change a bit. Good luck :)

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I'm not keen on Stepping Stones, I really don't know why, but I love the other 2 podcasts and use them regularly. Perhaps you might give it or them all another go at some point?


I can only manage stepping stones on a treadmill not outside

Thought I was just being useless! Will try the other two.


Time to give that one a miss, it seems.

I'll try something different on the next outing.


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