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How can it be hard and fun?

If you pardon the Ooh Matron / Carry On stylie heading, how can a run that starts out so difficult end up being enjoyable?

W3 R3 this evening - and I really didn't feel in the mood, which is usually the time that I should absolutely go and do it. Otherwise the rot may start to set in and those little mind gremlins get a foot hold.

I really didn't feel up to it though. I have had the rest day but I just felt a bit low, a bit tired and a bit achy. I just went out to tick it off the list really. The initial runs felt just like that too, all a bit of an effort. I even started to get the shadow of a stitch........but before I knew it I was half way through the run. And even though I have heard Laura say it twice before, it still invigorated me when she said to push through, that the feeling at the end outweighs any difficulty at the time. Then I had nearly finished the last run and felt like I could do it all again! Crackers! I felt pretty good. Barmy!

Two days rest before week 4 starts. Nurse, the screens..........

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Ha ha. Well done! A bad run can usually be salvaged so never be too hasty at calling it a day. Always try and finish the session.

Bet you feel right chuffed with yourself now don't you after being initially cool about the idea of going for a run. Enjoy your day off tomorrow


Are you completely barmy?, being an advocate that the words 'fun' and 'run' should never appear in the same sentence I feel you need more than Barbra Windsor, a visit to Dr Tickle (Kenneth Williams I seem to remember) sounds in order!

Seriously well done, I genuinely hate running so I know what you mean. Some days you just don't feel like it, although I have now narrowed these days down to only those with the letter 'y' in!

So to get out there tonight feeling the way you did is remarkable and you should be proud of yourself. Having cracked this the rest of the plan will seem like a piece of cake and when it doesn't you now know you will be able to grit your teeth and crack it.

Well done and good luck.


I was just reading one of your other posts, Chalfont. I hope you are getting on OK. You are an inspiration with the Park Runs and helping others like my good self. I hope you crack it too.

Thanks for your post.


So it ended well Idolitorus (can I call you Ids for short?!). Well done. I love when you get that high at the end of a good run.

I did W3 R2 on Sunday and loved every minute. In fact I wanted to carry on. Had enough in the tank to keep going but restrained myself. I have R3 tmrw and looking forward to it.

How you feeling about W4? Wow, we're really getting there hey?!


At the end of the run I had sneak listen to the next podcast in readiness for the next set.......Hmmm. 3 mins then 5 mins. Crikey.

Not sure. Kinda worried / kinda thinking I can do it - hopefully. Definitely not sure though. I'm not as optimistic as I have been feeling but as everyone says, just put one foot in front of the other, don't think of the whole thing, deal with each part as it comes. If it is anything like the other runs, the half way point will come quickly and so it is downhill from there.


We can do it. The programme has been preparing us for it. I'll look forward to your "I've just completed W4 R1" post! ;-) As for me, I shall be out doing W3 R3 this evening.


Well done! Yes, I know how how it feels, I suffer a bit with the mind gremlins anyway, but have to push on through, am this morning feeling a tad low, with migraine, but hope to get out later as it clears..


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