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Plantar Fasciitis

So I think I have the above - since week 2 in fact... Pain in the arches, especially first thing, but which fades quickly when warmed up and doesn't bother me when running.

Trouble is, it's not improving, in fact I think it's getting worse. I don't think my shoes are the issue - had gait analysis at around week 4/5...

Any tips? Please don't tell me I have to stop running - not sure I'd be too thrilled to hear that!

Grateful for any advice

Thanks in advance x

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I had the same in the early weeks of C25K. It was most painful at non-running times, when I was just standing. Very painful. It went away after the first few weeks. As I understand it, it can be caused by calf muscle tightness or weakness. I think the running programme improves the muscle condition over time.

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I had this quite badly as a result of an injury (non-running) some years ago.

The physio gave me several exercises. The two main ones of which were:

Put your feet flat on the ground and tighten your arches (without curling your toes under). Hold for a few secs & repeat.

Stand with the ball of your foot on a step and your heel over-hanging. Now hang your bodyweight down as low as you can (reasonably) go for a count of 20. Do the same with the other foot.

The first one strengthens your arches, while the second one helps to stretch the plantar facia and Achilles.

They took me from having pain with every step to completely pain-free within a month or so and even when I started running it has not recurred. Sounds like yours is less severe but I would recommend those stretches, especially after a run.



Oh Mum , my sympathies !

I had this for months ( not due to running but from lots of walking in unsuitable shoes ie Ballet pumps and flatties with no support ) When I used to get out of bed on a morning , I would be hanging onto the door handles of the wardrobe to walk. It was soooooo flippin ' painful !

I can only echo with what Steve and Ug have said , and the exercises too .

Hope you get sorted soon ! :-) xxx


Get a tennis ball and run the sole of your foot over it whenever you're sat down and try to pick up a tea-towel from the floor with your toes.


Get to the Dr or phsyio. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200. If it is getting worse, get medical advice.

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I went to the podiatrist about my foot problems and she diagnosed me with this. As well as the above stretches and decent shoes she also recommended filling a bottle with water and keeping it in the freezer. Then when you get back in each day then roll your feet along the bottle while sitting. It's helping a lot for me, is an immediate relief (after the numbing!) and definitely something I can vouch for :-)


You must seek medical advice. This is not a minor condition - and the sooner you tackle it, the less time you might have to limit running. Don't delay - act today!!!!!


Stop running Mum and get some medical advice ASAP!

This comes from one who got to week 4/5 without pain whilst not being able to get up off the sofa in the evenings or bed in the mornings!

I saw a podiatrist (who is also a runner) and she gave me some great exercises and also advised on some insoles for my everyday shoes, but time is also a healer. I think it took me around 6 months to get back to C25k, but when I did it I ran only twice a week rather than 3 times and I've been PF free.

I know you want to run, but believe me you'll get better quicker if you succumb to the IC - we'll all be here when you're ready to run again!

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