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Back after Plantar fasciitis

I will be returning to running after a bout of plantar fasciitis (diagnosed by GP) and need advice on where to start from. I was told to swim and do yoga instead of running for 2 weeks.

I was running well on W8R2 when I decided to do a park run with friends. However didn't have time to warm up properly and tried to keep running even when my feet and legs had said enough (stupidly). When the run was over the pain in my heels was terrible. I left a day and thought I'd run again on the Monday. However still in pain decided to give it a miss but saw the GP.

I am now ready to get back to it (sensibly this time) and need to know which week to start with. I didn't really want to start right at the beginning as I've been swimming to keep up endurance and yoga for flexibility but know I shouldn't go straight back to W8.

I've realised where my mistakes was and am determined not to repeat it again and would like advice so I can keep running without injury.

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Pick a number. Week 5 if that sounds good to you. Or 6. Or 8. Any number will do. Then go for a run, taking care not to make the same mistakes again. After the run, assess how you feel. Did you struggle? If so, go back another week or two. If you didn't struggle, then you've probably found the right re-start point.

Good luck, and it's great to hear you're back at it again.


Week 5 sounds like a good starting point. I will see what I feel like afterwards and go from there.

Thank you Tomas.


I would say if you were well into the continuous runs, there is no need to go back to run/walk, just see how far you get on a continuous run and use that as your base point. Or, to qualify that a little, go out and do a run that is about 75-80% of what you feel you can manage. Don't push yourself to failure the first time out, better to start slightly over cautiously than overdo it. Then see how you feel the next couple of days, a s that's the acid test, and if all is well, do the same again and build from there.


I ran yesterday for 15 mins with no problems. I was very cautious and stopped at that point. I will run again tomorrow and see if I can push it to 20 and go from there.

I have no pain and fell like I could have gone further but didn't want to over do things.

Thank you for you advice. I really appreciate it.


Did you need treatment for your plantar faciitis, or just rest? I have been suffering on and off with it (undiagnosed) for several months, caused I think by fracturing my little toe, and then walking awkwardly to compensate for it. I am able to run and have reached week 5 but get an ache in my heel afterwards, and it is worse first thing in the morning but is ok when I get going. Just wondered if you did anything to relieve it x


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