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Plantar fasciitis!! :-(

Hi all, I'm really upset as I think I have managed to get the above. Managed all through the programme with no injuries at all and now I've got a bit cocky and over done it. I stopped bothering with a warm up walk and I also tried to up my speed too much I think on a downhill part of my run. Didn't feel a thing until 24 hours later but I now have a bruised burning feeling in the sole and heel area. I'm so annoyed and I'm going to try and rest it for a few days. I'm also going to try stretches, icing and foam rolling. Has anyone carried on running at reduced distances while treating this?

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Don’t be tempted to 'self-diagnose' unless of course you’re a clinical person who knows what they are doing :) You should be stretching after your runs, that’s important as is the warm up and cool down walks. My advice, for what it’s worth is rest for a few days until the pain has gone, then run steady, no speed or distance increases until you know that you’re okay. It may just be muscular. Good luck :)

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I have to be honest nd say that I did self diagnose. Naughty I know but the symptoms sound exactly like what I'm experiencing. I'm going to rest for a few days and hope that it settles down.


You dafty! We keep warning folks about being over-enthusiastic and overdoing things. We also bang on relentlessly about warm ups and cool downs and making sure you take rest days. Does no-one listen? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhh

I did the same thing!!!! What a sample we are (hangs head in shame)

Hopefully it's not too bad Embo and you won't be out too long. You have a lot of little bones in your feet and maybe they are sore after the onslaught. Have you got proper running shoes on?

Put your feet up for a few days, and maybe a few Ibufren if needs be, and see how it goes. There are quite a few posts on here about plantar f. so take time to read them and hopefully you will be running again soon. If your pain persists then you have to take yourself off to the doc


I know, I know. My impatience to progress has bitten me on the bum....or rather the foot! Lesson learned....the hard way!


Don't let it get you down!

I'm sure you won't. We are here to pick everyone up, dust you off and get you moving again


Thanks, I'm going to book in at the gp tomorrow to check what it actually is and hopefully get it sorted!


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