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Plantar Fasciitis??


Good Morning

I had a great Wk9 (1) run yesterday and carried on to do 5k in 32m 37s. As the day developed I developed a pain between my heel and instep which after consulting Dr Google I have concluded is plantar fasciitis. I have really good running shoes bought a few weeks ago. Does anyone have experience of this and advice they can impart. I’m feeling so disappointed as I do quite a bit of other excercise all of which I think will have to be on hold for a while. 🙄

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Yes I had that a few years back. First and most important thing, don’t trust Dr. Google. See your own doctor: it might be something else. But if it is plantar fasciitis then you’ll need to stop running for a while: it goes away by itself with rest but it can take months. But SEE YOUR DOCTOR in case the cause of the pain is something else that needs treatment.


I suffer quite regularly with this, I find shoe supports really work for me.

I think I might have it mildly too, but I’m not in pain, more like a tightness which goes away whilst running. It’s been like it since W2 and now I’m 2 weeks post-grad, and it hasn’t affected any of my runs.

I do loads of stretching and also yoga for runners at home (YouTube). I don’t consider mine doctor-worthy, but I’d recommend you go if you feel actual pain.

Good luck. 😀

It could just be that you have tied your laces too tight. Your feet swell when hot and this is a common problem. Try loosening before giving yourself a diagnosis 👟


When I had it I made it worse because I didn’t know what it was so didn’t know to rest it: I thought I could walk it off. Ended up walking with a limp for quite a while because working with children I couldn’t rest it completely,to put it mildly! But it did go away by itself eventually one I understood I had to rest it as much as my job allowed. But seriously if it doesn’t go away after a few day’s rest see the doc in case it’s something else.

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