Knee pain

I suffer from anterior knee pain. I've been examined by an NHS podiatrist who diagnosed underpronation due to high arches. I use orthoses to straighten up my legs, and I've got them in my trainers. But today after W1R2 my knee is so inflamed that I can't manage stairs. I will not give up but any help or advice would be appreciated.

EDIT: corrected the condition, it's underpronation (not overpronation)


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16 Replies

  • I came to find you and to say, yes, let's do this together but that knee doesn't sound great. Ice it a lot . Think about waiting for it to have gone down before running again. My day 3 is going to be Saturday. Lots of stretching today and tomorrow for me. Good luck !

  • Yes it's not ideal but I'll just take care of it with rest and ice. I won't let it stop me and I hope that by strengthening the muscles around it it might get better. Let's see.

  • It is a difficult question to answer, firstly when you run if you can check to see if your feet are landing forward, if you land with your toes facing out this will put pressure on your knees. I know because I do this and have to watch it. I do it because my hips get tight. Also do you have running shoes for over pronation, my husband has had divided advice on this. The guy that made the orthotics said he needed them but the gait analysis guy said he would not, he's not a runner so Sorry I can't be more helpful but it is possible for you to get an email of the podiatrist and ask the question directly to him. I find the Most Drs are good with a quick email now adays. I hope you get to the bottom of it.

  • That's good advice, thanks.

  • Your condition sounds a strange one - usually high arches are related to _under_ pronation while lower arches over-pronate. The orthoses sound like they are for low arches so I hope they are the right ones for you. As long as the orthoses were arranged by the podiatrist who examined you then I'm sure they will be right, but do make sure they are not making things worse!

    If you have never tun before then the first week will be a big shock to your joints but this sounds quite severe. Have you used the orthoses for long? If so, are they fitting well in your running shoes? Some running shoes have arch supports that might interfere with your orthoses.

    My daughter has low arches and we took here to have custom orthotics made. These are cut by computer based on measurements taken by the podiatrist and a plaster cast from the foot. They are not (at all) cheap but if you can then they might be worth looking into.


  • Ah, you're right it's under-pronation. Sorry for the confustion there. I've used the orthoses for a few years but this is the first time I've run with them. I'm wondering about some support or strapping until my knee gets stronger.

  • Hi I got as far as wk 2 run 1 before I had to give up due to severe knee pain! This was 4 wks ago and I have to say the pain has only eased the past few days. Stairs were agony! I saw an osteopath n was given stretching n strengthening knee exercises and have stuck to walking only. Am hoping to start again soon but think I need to go for gait analysis first. So I don't have a lot of advice but ur not alone! I certainly don't think u shld rin again while it's still so sore in case u make it worse.

  • Gait analysis is good advice. Any idea where I'd go for that?

  • Hi,

    I also run in orthoses after a very sore back in W1 R1. I found the support in my trainers didn't give me enough support, which is why I started taking out my insoles in my trainers and replacing them with my specialist orthoses - this has solved the problem with back pain. Regarding knee pain, I have a bit of pain in my left knee which tends to ease upon exercise, but is sore to lift and walk down stairs etc. Nothing like the pain you are in it seems. I'm thinking of going to a physio or osteopath. Maybe you could try the same? Re you question about gait analysis try searching on google for a local shop that does this - there are a few shops near me. Hope that helps :-)

  • Thanks for the tips on finding a gait analyst. TBH I think strengthening of the muscle around the joint is going to do me good. It's a similar thing to what you describe actually, it's not too bad now but as soon as I put weight on the knee when it's bent like when descending stairs it's still really sore.

  • Yes do a search for ur local running shop. I found kneeling very sore and as I have an 8 month old baby this is pretty unavoidable for me!

  • If you've already been to a podiatrist, then you will (hopefully!) have gotten way more qualified advice than any of us here can do. He/she is trained in this stuff and has looked at your feet (one would hope), whereas we're just going by hearsay and whatever works for us.

    I would go back to the podiatrist. Explain what's happening. Get his/her advice.

    Hope it works out.

  • You're right of course, although given the nature of the site it's not unreasonable to expect a health professional or two browsing the posts. Nevertheless, I think I was hoping for a miracle painkiller that I could apply or some support device that I could wear.

  • And there probably are. Sorry didn't mean to sound dismissive.

  • Try this link it might help you

  • This is great, thanks for the share, might be just what I need.

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