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Knee pain

Hi guys,

I started C25k a couple of weeks ago - I've finished week 1 and 2 but on the 2nd run of week 2 I was starting to get a pain in my right knee on the inside. I'm due to start week 3 tomorrow night but as (up until now) I have done pretty much no physical exercise I'm not sure whether to give it a rest. I finished week 2 last night and my knee is still a bit 'sore' although sore isn't quite the right word.

Any help, advice, suggestions most welcome!


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I perhaps should have searched first...

I bought a new pair of running trainers which fit perfectly... I don't walk or run (as far as I know) on the inside of my foot...


It's new runners knee I should think. It's your body protesting at being on the receiving end of unusual exertions. You often get aching ankles and knees until your body gets accustomed to what's being asked of it

Neurofen or Ibufren taken just before lights out (when your body is at complete rest) is a good idea. Then have a rest day and hopefully you'll be good to go by the next scheduled run. If not, take an extra day off. If you cycle, walk, swim on your non-running days it all helps to get you fit. As you progress through the runs you will get stronger and hopefully the pain you are experiencing will diminish and clear up on its own

If it doesn't then it will need a longer lay off. Have you got proper running shoes by the way?


Hi, thanks very much for the reply. Yeah I bought some Adidas running shoes/trainers for £30... I walk to work so on the rest days I'm still walking 3 miles a day... I'll see how it is today and give it a go tonight and report back, thanks!


I also had knee pain through week 2 so I bought knee supports, made sure I stretched well after each run and put ice packs (well, frozen peas actually!) on my knees afterwards. I stopped wearing the supports during week 5 and my knees are fine now - although I still stretch and ice. I do yoga twice a week and I think that also helps a lot but any knee strengthening exercises like squats will help.

Good luck!


Thanks for the replies - I gave it a miss tonight so will see how it is over the weekend and start again Monday. Hopefully a 4 day rest won't hinder my progress too much!


Squats and lunges every day also help build up muscles to take pressure off your knee. I've had meniscus (cartilage) problems on both knees and these daily exercises really helped


I've had knee pain too (just redoing week 2). Hoping it is just a beginners thing. Ibuprofen before going to bed helps.


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