Wk6R2 - Knee pain!

Hi All,

So I've been wanting to increase my fitness and loose a little weight and decided to have a go at running. My partners mother in law recommended following this programme to me. So I took myself to up and running, bought some decent running shoes and took to the streets. After WK1R1 I thought that running 5K was absolutely unfeasible, however I've stuck to the programme and I've made it to run 2 of week 6 (having repeated week 4 twice on the way, and getting over my horror of seeing the plan for week 5 run 3)!

Anyway the reason for this post.... I have started to experience pain in my right knee, it's kind of towards the top left and my knee kinda feels a little grindy. Having gone straight to google I'm being told that its probably runners knee and that I need to stop running and let it recover. I was wondering if this is something others experienced at this point in the programme. How they recovered, how long it took and how they knew it was ok to start running again. I was also wondering at what point in the programme I should start from again, I really hope my stupid knee wont undo all my hard work and I end up finding running for 60secs hard again!

I was hoping to do a 5K charity run on 10th December, its probably a good job I didnt enter yet!

Any tips, and advice would be greatly appreciated.



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10 Replies

  • I have knee trouble too. Rest is important (sadly) but I have been doing some stretches from a youtube video (link below) and for the last month or so I have had very little trouble.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks for the video link, I'll take a look and get on with some stretches. I've read that quad stretches are good but wasn't sure what these are so your video really helps. Thanks.

  • Ouchy! Most people have had niggles from time to time. When I had knee stiffness and a little pain, I had a rest but introduced strength and flex exercises and it really helped to fix the problem for me. I continue with these and I believe it has prevented injury too. When I run, I don't move my knees much and I think it is a kind of cramp caused by that, the exercises keep my joints limbered up. The other thing that helped me when I started running was to run as much as possible on softer ground

  • Thanks for the tips. It feels really frustrating as I felt like I was doing so well. :( But its good to know I am not alone. I'm definitely going to try to run on softer ground when i get going again, although with the dark nights and living in a city that is going to be a challenge in itself.

  • Determination gets us out there! I had a week off with a sore knee. Got up to 10k and calf tightness made me drop back to run-walk 5ks. Now back to where I want to be and happy with a steady pace

  • The falling leaves has meant soft running for most of us near trees. My path was like the forest floor on my recent runs round the streets and through the park. However, they got a bit slippy last night after heavy rain. Erk!

    I had knee niggles! I stopped running and rested but couldn't shake it off. I decided if it hurt when I didn't run (which it did) then I would see if I could run it off. Just gentle running as per the programme and it worked. As you run more and more, week in week out, you get stronger. I never had a minute's trouble with it since.

    A few days rest won't hurt. You could ice the knee regularly. As often as possible is good as ice is such a good anti-inflammatory. I can't recommend it highly enough. Cheap and no side effects

    Good luck. I hope you're back out there soon

  • Thanks, I was wondering whether I could run through it and whether I was just being a wuss? I had some ankle and achilles niggles in the early weeks which I ran through and they went away. I think this knee pain just feels a little more, as its hurting just sitting at my desk at work, although the only time I don't notice the pain is when I run, maybe i should just constantly run, haha. I'll whack the ice on when I get home this eve. My last run was wednesday eve, I was originally planning on doing wk6r3 tonight or tomorrow but I might give it a week of ice and some stretches and then repeat wk6 r1 again next wednesday and see how i get on.

  • I think any pain while running is something I would rest. Other aches and niggles can be worked through. I even resorted to run-walking, something I don't like but it sometimes just keeps me running without causing injury so it has to be done!

  • I rested mine but got peed off as it hurt when I didn't run so I thought stuff it I might as well run. Only gentle C25k jogs mind you and I took it steady. I can remember how I felt when I ran it off. It was a revelation.

    I'm not saying that happens for everyone though. If you think you've hurt it then rest, ice and elevation

  • True! Given time, your legs should get stronger, I now always run in town without ill effects! I think given a little time, regular running and rest when necessary plus strength and flex exercises, we get used to it

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