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Knee and hip pain

Hi All, I've been following the couch to 5K plan to week 5 with no problems, but noticed some knee pain after the 1st 2 mile run. I've since worn a knee support and regularly ice my knee after running, but am getting continuous pain even though I've rested for nearly a week. I am also getting pain in my hip too. Does anybody know what could be the cause of this pain? With regards to the knee pain, it started towards the outer edge, but I am now getting intermittent shooting pains in the center of my knee.

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Have you changed your running shoes recently? If not, they could be worn or be the wrong fit.

I would suggest a visit to your local [decent] running shop for a gait analysis. These should be free and they will be able to see if you are wearing the right shoe. It is well worth a few minutes of your time and may well solve all your problems.

Good luck, and happy running.

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I'd suggest seeing a doctor if the pain hasn't subsided after a week. It sounds like you have runner's knee but there could be some other damage there if you are still in pain. I have had it and sympathaise. The info from runners world is quite useful:


Re-reading your post, it is more likely you may have iliotibial band syndrome

Either way, it may still be worth seeing your GP as they could confirm this and perhaps put you in touch with a local physio if rest and changing your shoes is not helping.


Been having problems lately. These are great. Thanks.


Thank you for your suggestions. Just booked an appointment with the doc and will get my gait analysed too. A friend suggested it could be iliotibal band syndrome too- fingers crossed I can get it sorted soon. Really don't want to have to stop running now I'm really into it.

Much appreciated.


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