W6R1 - Knee Pain

Hi all. Advice needed.

I have been having mild knee pain for the last few runs so I bought some pukka running shoes after having my gait analysed.

The shoes are really comfortable to run in but the knee pain hasn't gone away. In fact, I completed W6R1 last night and had to put an ice pack on my knee after I finished. Perhaps I've not recovered properly from the W5R3 twenty minute run.

I have carried on with the program as I thought the knee trouble was due to me being a new runner (and quite heavy). I know that tired old muscles must become stronger and so some pain is inevitable during the initial stages. Does anyone know if the pain will go away if I keep running or should I give it a rest for a couple of days to see if it gets better.

I refuse to give up though. I'm enjoying the running too much :)


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10 Replies

  • Your knee could just be inflamed. REST ICE ELEVATION (not sure what the c stands for in RICE) and maybe ibuprofen might help. I would rest for a few days before trying a run again. Maybe it just needs to settle.

    If this persists though you should maybe seek medical advice.

    Good luck and hope you get this sorted as you are enjoying your running.

  • Thanks Jan. I will take your advice and rest my knee for a few days.

    I just don't want to give up running (never thought I'd say that!). It really is quite addictive isn't it :)

  • Yes, its great how you suddenly find yourself able to acheive these runs. 😊Please do see your doc/physio if you still get the pain in a few days time. x

  • I will... promise :O

    It's amazing to think that the old couch potato me now sits here wishing the time away until my next run. If someone would have told me last year that I'd actually look forward to running up and down my road, I would think they were crazy! :)

    Did that scan correctly? Grammar!

  • Compression :)

    TiredOldMan don't give up running! Rest, and then try shortening your stride to lessen the impact on your knees. Good luck :)

  • Thanks roseabi :)

  • I had knee pain quite early on my C25K journey (after 2 weeks) and ended up having to take a month off before it healed enough for me to be able to run again. But like you, I was determined that I was going to be a runner - so after it was completely well rested, I picked up again where I left off and managed to graduate 7 weeks later. I share that to say, that sometimes, you need longer than you want to give your body to recover, but as long as you stay focused and committed, you will still get there.

  • Thanks Joolez.

    I'd hate to stop running now that I've got to this stage but I will if I have to. It's just that my Wife thinks I'm a hero for doing the C25K (sort of) :)

  • Make sure you stretch after every run and in fact every day. You might also have tight spots in your hamstrings, glutes, calves, quads so either invest in a foam roller to "iron" them out or use a golf ball or tennis ball to try and get rid of any tight areas yourself. Tightness in any of these areas can cause knee pain so it's all connected. Do strengthening exercises too - lunges, reverse lunges, squats, bridges, clam walks, etc.

  • Good advice Irishprincess. Thanks loads :)

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