Couch to 5K

Week 4 looming.... ankle pain, any advice?

Week 3 done.

Never in a million years did I think I'd be able to run for 3 mins!

I'm 60 at the end of the month but wanted to see if I could follow this programme.

I'm a bit daunted by week 4 coming up. . . . . . . 5 mins running... oh eck!

One thing I've found this week is that my ankles are hurting. Has anyone else experianced that? Advice?

Is it just my body adjusting to running? Should I be pushing it?

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Well done on making a start with the programme

Yes, you can expect niggles as this is new exercise and you're feeling it. That's how it should be

Ankles are funny things and prone to hurting if pushed. They protest loudly!

I would take an extra day off if needs be. Doing some other exercise will help build your body up for running. Cycling, walking, swimming, doing a bit of exercise at home maybe with an exercise DVD or a dance/exercise class, all helps build us up so we're stronger. Our running legs get built on our rest days, and slow running will help with that, as will the other things I just mentioned

Stick with it. Take a day or two and then get back to it but make sure you are jogging nice and slowly. Don't go speeding up. Take it steady

Some people do take an extra day's rest between each run and that's fine. You might find you're ok as your running legs get stronger (including your ankles) and you can go back to just the one rest day. If the niggles continue you will have to see a doctor

Have you got proper shoes! Running shoes support your ankles so make sure you have some.


Thanks for the advice, they are not too bad and the pain does seem to ease off so I thought it was probably just building up strength, as I've not done anything for years!

I did splash out on proper running shoes and even got diagnosed with a high arch so bought appropriate running shoes.

I'm going to keep it up!

Thanks for all the replies


I can't add anything really to what Miss Wobble has already said. She's a well of wisdom, well worth listening to.

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I've just finished week four. I still can't believe I managed the five minutes running and I have done it - three times! I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine with week four, trust the programme and know it works. Take it easy, slow, slow, slow, and you'll get there.

With regard to your ankles don't push it if it is too painful as you may be doing serious damage. A few niggles are to be expected when taking up running as others will tell you. Take care of yourself and we'll be running that 5k in no time!

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Hi there, I suffer from sore ankles too. It's like they go really tight like you would expect the back of your calves to do but it happens in your ankles. I found that although I would get this while running they mostly hurt when I slow to a walk but if I keep going it does wear off.

Today I did W4r3 and I started off with sore ankles at the start and thought I wouldn't make it through but I kept going and the pain eased off. I think it is a build up of lactic acid in the muscles. I found breathing deeper seemed to help.

I think the soreness is just our bodies adapting to this new regime and complaining about it. Especially if you are like me and not done any exercise since forever! Also, my ankles don't hurt in the same way post run so I don't believe it is an injury. I would suggest to keep going but if the pain is unbearable then stop or take an extra day rest. If you are really worried then speak to your doctor to be sure. :-)


Great advice, you've reassured me :)

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Hi again, Just a follow up on your post. I was in my local town today and wandered into DW sports for a nosy. I noticed they had a running machine and when speaking to the guy he told me they do gait analysis. So I had mine analysed. It was free and took 10 mins. He showed me on the computer how my legs lean when I run. Something called over pronation. He said it was responsible for the pain in my ankles and to some extent the pain in my back. I needed to get some insoles. He gave me a pair to try and recorded my gait again. I didn't need him to tell me the improvement I could see it.

It's something I'd recommend you doing if the pain in your ankles continues to be a problem.


That's great thanks, will go and try it out


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