Feeling very nervous

Hi all. I am continuing my quest to work through this programme, but I have to be honest, I am feeling very nervous about all this. I'm aiming to complete W2 R3 tomorrow and when I look ahead at future weeks I feel quite anxious. Yesterday's run went fine, although I'm finding the incessant wind were I live quite annoying! The last 2 intervals I almost dreaded when I was told to run, but I managed fine. I'm feeling that this is all mind over matter.


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  • You are not on your own, maybe you live near me for it always seems to be windy, the wind does make it difficult that's for sure. also with regards to being nervous, I'm the same, despite having graduated in April. I do a regular 4 mile run, but still have these nagging doubts when I set out like " I don't feel like doing this, I'm going to stop in a minute etc" On occasions I do walk, but not that often, so just keep going I think you will find we nearly all have these thoughts.

  • You WILL do it !!

  • Thanks guys, sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement!

  • Yes, there is a lot of mind over matter with running! Each week is a step up from the previous one, but as you can see from a lot of the posts here, the steps are carefully planned and tend to work! You just stretch yourself that little bit further every time, and before you know it you are running for 20 minutes non stop and then 30 mins and so on...

    Most of us here were not runners before starting the programme, and are addicted now and have found ourselves capable of more than we ever dreamt of! So don't worry, but have faith in yourself. And if at some point you have a bad day, don't despair, but just try again. :-)

  • Don't read ahead - it always does look scary, but know that the program works and trust that. At the moment the program is still building your stamina and fitness, but yes, a lot of running is a head game and the program works on that too. Trust Laura she will get you through.

  • Hi Mimsickle, we don't want you to feel anxious about anything. Instead, we want you to feel inspired, free, on top of the world. Running is one of the best things that you can do to improve you physical and mental health. The freedom that comes from being a runner, knowing that you can overcome adversity, and are in control of your physical wellbeing - that is what we want you to feel. It is an inner glow. a runners radiance if you like.

    So please don't 'read ahead'. Take each week one at a time and know that Laura is preparing you physically and mentally for each challenge. Yesterday's run 'went fine' and you should complete W2 tomorrow. When you look at the program, I'm sure that you can feel W3 is going to be challenging, but achievable. Just one step at a time, dig deep and trust yourself.

    Come on, you can do this. And please do let us all know how you get on: post tomorrow, and often.

  • Thanks Marky D, will let you all know how I get on.

  • I totally agree with MarkyD - don't worry yourself with the runs next week or next month, just take pride in what you have achieved already and go out to do one run at a time. It really does work, and you CAN do this.

    I look forward to read how you're getting on :)

  • I think someone is bound to have told you not to look ahead, but just to concentrate on what's immediately in front of you.

    Anxious, dread, nervous! No need to be any of those. Be happy, enjoy the sessions, they're fun!

    Go nice and slow and you'll be fine. Going slowly is the key to this. The programme is progressive so you'll be fine, just stick with it and no looking ahead.

  • Shall try not to - so hard not to take a peek though! ;-)

  • Why do we always feel 'is it just me that feels.....'?

    Invairably it isn't! I am going to complete W2 R3 this evening after work and already I am getting nervous about W3 R1 - I haven't done this one yet.

    The advice above seems eminently sensible and makes me feel a little better. Don't skip ahead, enjoy what I have accomplished, have faith in the program and take it SLOWLY.

    Thanks for posting, I felt nervous too, so your question and the replies have really helped.

  • Hi Idolitorus, hope it goes well tonight! Let us know how you get on!

  • Keep going you will do it. I've just completed w6 run 2 and am totally gobsmacked that I am doing it!

  • Fantastic Kdollfraser, you must feel brilliant!

  • Hey Mimsi, you can definitely do this. Don't look too far ahead. Trust Laura and the programme. Trust the cheesy music and enjoy yourself :)

  • Haha, thanks AncientMum. Cheesey music indeed! ;-)

  • Okay, just think of the worst possible consequence of going for a run..........not managing to complete it.........That is not a problem, you just repeat it. You are in control of your pace and the frequency of your runs. No need for fear or anxiety. This programme will boost your self confidence, as so many of us have found. You can do this. You will do this.....if you want to. Enjoy your success and praise yourself for the accomplishment and tell us how you get on. Good luck.

  • I'm sitting thinking about doing my w2r1 tomorrow and this makes such sense. The worst thing that can happen is that I don't run 90 seconds each time. Thank you - I think this was just what I needed to hear

  • Hi Suzy. Exactly, hardly the end of the world. But let me tell you, you will be able to do it. I'm doing W3 R3 tmrw. If it gets tough, think of the inspirational posts you have read on here and you will keep going. Helped me on W3 R1 in gale force winds ;-) Just gritted my teeth and thought of you guys on here and kept going. I am now soooo looking forward to my run tmrw. Let us know how you get on. X

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