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I'm very nervous about my run tonight!


I am due to go out on my wk7r2 tonight and although r1 was fine I am very nervous about running it as I have been invited to the local running club who are doing their monthly 5k time trial tonight to do it.

I am covering 5k in the 35 minutes it takes to do the run with warm up and cool down and I intend to this at the time trial because the club encourage runners of all abilities but I am extremely nervous! What if I am last and they are waiting around for me too finish? What if I have to walk other than during the warm up and cool down? Self doubt is really creeping in :(

Sorry for the panicked post but I wanted to share before I drove myself mad.

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I joined a local Sweatshop running group.

Jenner78 I am last every single week. It knocked my confidence at first, but now I don't give a monkeys.

The group has to wait for the last runner. I do my glory run to a round of applause.

Go along, try not to worry and enjoy it.

Long term look at what you are getting out of it.

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you Viktor.

I think I am over worrying. Some members have already offered me support and the local running shop who is affiliated to the club had every fate in me when I popped in there today to collect my new Soleus (which I am very excited about). One of my marathon running friends is going to be there to support me too. I think it's the unknown that worries me.

I feel better about it just by posting my worries.

I really appreciate your words of support :)


You might not be last, you don't know. And so what if you are. You will be streaks ahead of all the people sitting at home on their couches who should be out there doing something!

You are about to run 5K, that is great, so therefore you too should feel great. Go for it, and enjoy it.

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Nerdio

Thank you Nerdio, I came in 47th and there were at least another 10-15 people that finished after me :) I don't have my official time yet but my friend came in at 29 minutes and I was only about 2 minutes after her. I was so chuffed that I ran the who thing that my time doesn't really matter, it's the first time I have run a full 5k without walking breaks :)

NerdioGraduate in reply to Jenner78

Brilliant. It's the getting out there and doing it, and you certainly did it.

Well done :-)

Hidden in reply to Jenner78

Well done! You should be very proud of yourself.

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you Viktor ;)

Bite the bullet, everyone in that group will of started somewhere. I have still to meet a runner who is not supportive of our sport. When I was struggling it was the seasoned runners that encouraged me on the most. Just think how you would be with a wk1 run1 person. I am sure it will be fine.

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