2nd Park Run tomorrow - feeling nervous!

I'll be setting off in the morning for my 2nd park run. I was shown the ropes by a very supportive fellow runner last time. She's on holiday this week so I've decided to go it alone. I'm feeling nervous already! My hope is to run all the way around, with my last km being my fastest. I had to walk a couple of times in the 2nd half last time and got a time of 35mins. I really want to beat it and get a PB! Wish me luck, and maybe share any last minute nerves tips!! Wishing everyone else who's doing a park run tomorrow the best of luck. Go smash it!!!!!!!! x


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12 Replies

  • My second one too tomorrow...and I'm on my own and with a similar time. Park run twins 😀

    You will be fine. Just enjoy. Start off nice and slowly. You can do it

    Jules xx

  • Thanks Jules, I'll be thinking of you on your run when I do mine! I've got my running gear and bar code all sorted, in a pile, ready to jump into in the morning, lol! I'm going to a different park. Hope they're as friendly as the 1st park! Slow and steady, that's my plan as I have a bad habit of starting too fast, and I think I might be more prone to this if I'm nervous!! Have fun, and we'll have to share notes afterwards!! Take care and thanks Jules x

  • Thanks Beetie.

    I know what you mean. I normally run about 7mpk but on my first park run, my first k was 6.23. No wonder I was out of breath!!!!

    Message me how you get on



  • Parkrun is brilliant ! Good luck ! x

  • Good luck for tmrw Beetie. I've been waiting to go to Parkrun for what feels like ages, waiting to be good enough. Have a great time. X

  • Thanks. I bet you are good enough! There are all abilities at park runs, they really are events for everyone. Such a friendly crowd too x

  • You know I have my barcodes printed off already!! I have managed 4k, 5k is just a bit out my grasp as yet. And I'm terrified I'll be so much slower than everyone else. I was supposed to go next week as my graduation run...

  • I was just looking at the results at my 1st park run. The fastest was 17 minutes (I saw a few flashes of colour sprint past me!) and the slowest was 48 minutes. With the remaining 280+ of us runners/walkers in between. So they really are for everyone. I still have to power walk a bit if I push too hard at the beginning, so tomorrow I'm aiming for a steady pace and no walking! Keep chipping away and you'll soon complete 5k x

  • my second parkrun was much easier than the first, but I still walked a short way. Warm up properly and make sure you keep it slow for the first km. When you feel you want to give up, think back to w1r1 and how much effort you put in to complete it. Make sure you put the same amount into this one before you give up.

    Good luck, and I'm sure you'll smash it.

  • Yes, you're so right. I walk too easily. I found it easier last time once I got talking to someone else. We were encouraging each other through the last km. I want a pb so I need to grit my teeth and keep going! x

  • Definitely try not to stop and walk, just keep running slowly to keep you focussed. Parkrun is great and no pressure. Good luck and keep running🏃

  • I had a couple of tiny power walks. And you'd think it was no pressure but because it was my 1st alone, I was nervous beforehand. My stomach was a bit knotty - I've no idea how I'd manage a race!! I'm sure it'll get easier the more I do. Thanks x

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