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Park Run - I'm Nervous


Finally got around to printing off my park run barcode today and am off to my first ever park run tomorrow *eek*!! I'm running the Sedgefield run around Hardwick Park which is a place I absolutely love so to run around it will be a real treat.

Running clothes all laid out & I'm actually really excited :) Has anyone else ever ran this park run? Are park runs a nice place to go? Although I'm excited I'm quite nervous. The only/last time I ran like this was the Sports Relief mile and I was with my nephew & hadn't even graduated so I can't say that was proper running.

I can't believe how much running is changing me. I'm becoming more confident & looking for ways to expand my life. I mean I'm still an introvert but I know there is more to life than sitting inside all the time. I feel, through running, I have a 'label' and an 'identity' and that it's a bit of a badge for someone like me who can be so painfully shy.

So if anyone is at Sedgefield park run tomorrow and they see someone looking nervous it's probably me but once I get running I'm sure I'll be fine.

Wish me luck *crosses fingers*

Happy jogging folks :)

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Oooh, well done. Am well jel. I'd signed up for a Fun run on Sunday - and it's been postponed! I was aiming for it and was really looking forward to it - but not to be, so I'll run 5K anyway - but it's not the same somehow. :-(. So, laj1987 - let me know how it goes, eh? I've signed up for parkrun but am working tomorrow morning so can't do that instead. I feel sure that you'll kill it and love it!

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Aww that's a shame when you really get yourself geared up for something and it doesn't go ahead. Still at least you have the determination to go out & still run though. Park run was fun but I wasn't too fast but it was the experience at the end of the day that was important.


Well done laj1987 you will love it, Parkruns are noted for their friendliness. My first one was slow'ish but I held back so sure I would fall flat on my face and trip at least 1/2 dozen other runners up as they passed me. Of course none of these things happened. I loved it once I got going. Don't be tempted to start too fast or you may well run out of steam, take your time and settle into your normal comfortable stride. All the very best and I'm sure tomorrow will be just the first of many more to follow. :)

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I took your tip and tried to stay consistent without a fast start & I managed to finish so I must have done something right ha-ha! Thanks for your support :)


Well done and enjoy! I've also printed of a barcode this week but due to family commitments will only be able to go to my local one next month. It's such a great idea and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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Sometimes life gets in the way of our running plans doesn't it? Let us all know how it goes but no need to be nervous, I promise, they are really fun.


I have completed my 1st and THE 1st parkrun at plymbridge woods nearly three weeks ago. I have to have my flu jab tomorrow or I'd be there again tomorrow - however it's a definite date for the 20th. Enjoy your parkrun - there was a really friendly crowd at the one I did...and I did a good time too despite jogging gingerly around a tussocky field as part of it!

I'm sure you'll have a good time!


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Wow - I bet you feel good to be part of one of the first park runs. It's such a fantastic idea and the fact it is free & marshalled by volunteers makes it even more amazing! Enjoy the 20th for your next park run :)


How did you do? Hope you enjoyed it :)

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Did okay I think :/ I've blogged about it. Good luck with your 10K tomorrow :)

Hope that you enjoyed your Parkrun. How did it go?


Good for you. I felt just the same 3 weeks ago at my first Parkrun. I loved it! Can't wait until the next one. Everyone was so encouraging as I passed the marshalls. Fantastic atmosphere.....would highly recommend it!


What a great post, I am not shy at all (one of a large family, and worked in my parents business from a young age, dealing with customers so I come over as pretty gobby and confident - which masks lots of insecurites!) but find that getting through this programme has meant I am more than happy at moving out of my own comfort zone in lots of areas of my life, so it's great to hear it having a positive effect on you too.

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