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Week 2 Run 2


Hi, this is my first post. I'm in my fourties, unfit and overweight. I've been tap dancing for 3 years and recently just started playing Netball again as a shooter (so not much running). A runner I have never been and never thought I'd be able to do this.

Despite a bit of extra exercise nothing was helping me shift the weight. So I've decided to give this a go. The first run was hell. If fact the first week was. I have found the second week easier and feel like I am running a little bit faster. Maybe thats my imagination though.

My only worry is that I have severe bowel adhesions. Basically my bowel is stuck to the lining of my stomach and causes a fair bit of pain every day. I am hoping I can keep going, lose weight and get fitter because I am sure that'll help my condition. One thing has frightened me though. Week 5 to 6 seems like a massive jump. Right now I can't see how I can run for that long. Eeeek.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Just take it one run at a time.........no point agonising about the future.

You will be ready when you get there.

Enjoy your journey.


As everyone here will tell you, this is about embracing your inner snail and finding your own pace. Take it as it goes. If you don’t feel ready for week 5 when you get there, what the hey ? Repeat week 4. Or go back to week 3 and polish up your pace and style. Or go back to the beginning and start again. No-one’s counting, no-one’s judging. This is just for you. Happy running !


Welcome! Just take 1 run at a time. Don’t think any further ahead. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there. Good luck and happy running! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️...


Check the post link that IannodaTruffe has given you, out... it is full of helpful, tried and tested advice.

Take it very, very steadily and slowly. Listen to your body and take extra rest days if you feel you need them.

You get stronger with each and every single run... and each week follows the one before. Try not to let your imagination start spoiling this before you have started:) Scary posts... ignore them... read all the amazing positive ones!!

You can do this and we will all be here to help.. so keep posting please, and welcome!


Hi welcome x

Please don't worry about what is ahead. I found looking at what was coming scared the b'jesus out of me and messed with my head! I don't do that anymore 😉

Most of on here are amazed at how quickly we have been able to build our strength and endurance in such a short space of time. Had you told me wk1r1 that in 28 days time I could run for 5 mins I would have laughed in your face...

Enjoy the program one run at a time, slow and steady, this is not about speed. The best piece of advice the lovely forum will hand out time and time again is slow down, embrace your inner 🐌 snail.

Happy running x


Congratulations on starting and persevering. The hardest part is already behind you. Go slow and steady, then even slower. I am (or feel) fairly young (I'm in mid 30s) and allow 90yo on their walk to overtake me. The speed and distance will come with time. For now enjoy the surroundings, pace your breathing, and enjoy each run as much as you can. And I know what I'm talking about - my last runs were far from good or pleasurable, but hey, it will come. We are both clocking milage, health benefits with every run, with every step, and definitely overtaking our old selves that were sitting on the couch ;)

Happy running!


I'm 56,like you,unfit and overweight. You can do it. Honestly,if you stick to the schedule it's amazing what you can achieve. I was exactly the same as you for the first two weeks,It seemed pretty daunting,when I first ran for 5 minutes I gave myself a massive pat on the back! I'm now capable of running for 25 minutes,2 months ago I would have thought that was impossible. I try to jog along at quite a slow steady pace,if I force myself to slow down from the start it seems I'm able to get into my stride and natural pace within minutes. You will be able to do this,if I can,anyone can! Good luck.


Tap dancing must mean you already have some stamina and strong legs so you have some fitness already to build on. I am also 40 something, overweight and just a few months ago I hadn’t done any exercise for years! I never thought I could do it but I did.

Take as long as you need, take each run as slow and gentle as you can and before you know it you will be looking back and wondering what you were worried about. You can do this. 💪

Fin: A good piece of advice for most new runners, particularly when they are mid-aged and a bit out of shape, is to check with your Dr. Have you done this yet? She might have some advice on how to deal with the adhesions. Also, you might think about taking up a walking program rather than running. You can get the same exercise, fitness, and weight loss, you just need to go twice as long.

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