Ooh, i think park run is next to my house now.

I disappointed myself on the last run of W4R1 by having to walk half a minute before it was over. I didn't take a drink which didn't help.

Also I think Park Run is there today which meant the park was packed with runners which isn't normal for my park so there I am in my 'running stuff' most people would wear just to laze about in with my vest riding up my stomach and me Bridget joneses showing while it looked like everyone else was decked out in thermo / aerodynamic , cushion soled, anti fatigue, makes your bum look like it works out without you on off days fancy pants.

I was running while they were setting up so at least I didn't have to embarrass myself any more than I already felt.

Roll on Monday when they're all back in their own parks and leaving amateur old me to puff round the pond without feeling like I'm so far away from where they are even when it could only be a matter of weeks.

Quick question(s) as well, I have seen a few people asking how they can track their miles / times / progress etc , mine is do I have to track it at all now or can it wait until I graduate? I'm just trying to get through 1 run at a time. I don't know what pacing is, what a foam roller is or what it's for or what RICE means. Does this mean I'm not doing it right?

Also I did not get the legs of xena warrior princess in week 3. So disappointed 😒


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  • Quick answers - you don't need to worry about pacing or distance, just follow Laura's instructions and you'll be fine. Just take it slow for now. Some people swear by foam rollers, though I've never used one. It's a do-it-yourself substitute for massage. If you warm up and down properly, and do some stretches, you should be ok. RICE is something you only need to know about if you injur yourself. Take it easy, and hopefully that won't happen.

    Enjoy it, relax, and you'll be fine.

  • I haven't tracked anything so I was a bit worried I should be, most of the time I'm just happy I'm not dead at the end!

  • No there is no need whatsoever to complicate any of it any more than you want to. The right pace is the one you feel comfortable running, the right speed is the speed you're going (although like everyone, you should probably slow down a bit). The distance you run only matters in as far as reaching B from A. You don't need to record anything more than which W and R you have just done. Not now, nor ever if you don't feel any need to. Some people like to analyse their vertical oscillation cross refenerced against heart rate zone relative to elevation above sea level averaged over a month. Others just like to go out for a run. Where you fall aong thise scale matters not a jot (although try not to fall) It is absolute Liberty Hall.

    As for Xena, I can't help you there, I'm afraid. I have found that even adopting an Austrian accent while lifting weights has not given me the chest and biceps of Conan the Barbarian, a disappointment I now see as a swizz and a swindle. I am going to add crushing my enemies, seing them driven before me and hearing the lamentations of their women to my workout routine and see if there increases my results. Perseverance, consistency, yakskin loincloth.

  • Dis is vere I peek up De sword!

    You should seriously consider the lamentations of the women instead of any other forms of encouragement.

    I imagine banshees and the sudden appearance of a fabulous handlebar moustache.

    I think I'll be in the 'just like to go for a run' camp. 😊

  • Sounds like you're doing everything right to me! Doesn't matter what you wear as long as you're comfortable, doesn't matter how far/fast you're going as long as you're going, RICE stands for Rest Immobilise Compression Elevation, (what to do with an injury), foam rollers are instruments of torture and Xena's legs are not a given I'm afraid :-(

    If that is a parkrun next door, why not join in next week? We had a Nordic walker today, lots of people doing run/walk intervals, some just running and walking, some walking more than running but everyone having a good time!

  • Aaaaah so put your feet up and don't overdo it! That's RICE! Thanks πŸ˜€ I should have Googled it I feel silly now , glad I know now though.

    Are foam rollers a freely available instrument or so you have to order them online late at night?

    I don't have much trouble with any muscles yet but I will bear them in mind ☺

  • Which parkrun is that? You should definitely think about joining in.

  • Not completely sure there was one on because there wasn't one on their website last week (closest one was Platt Fields) but it was alexandra park in Manchester.

  • Ah, not a parkrun then, as you say, the nearest is at Platt Fields.

  • Must be a big Saturday thing then. I'll have to find out now.

  • in short your way is the right way for you , pacing , mileage etc is totally up to you if you want to monitor and track , I would say at this stage don't worry about it .. All you need to do is run at a pace that will get you through the timed run periods , so distance etc don't come into it ...

    Don't worry if you think your running pace feels as slow or slower than your brisk walking pace ... start of slow and steady and then go slower if you need to :D

    keep at it you doing great :D

  • I don't feel so disappointed now, I managed 2 3 minute runs a 5 and a 4 and a half which is better than I was doing 3 weeks ago!

    Thanks πŸ˜†

  • improvement is improvement and looking back to week1 a 1min feels like a lifetime Lol

  • It did and now it's a case of "oh 2 and a half minutes! Laura do not tell me I am halfway just tell me I'm finished please! " she's evil.

  • haha yeah it does get like that sometimes :)

  • I haven't got the legs of Xena warrior princess either. I still seem to have the legs of a not-very-good lower-division rugby player who's eaten too much cake.

    My running gear is mainly black and pink as that's what was in the sale. Can't tell you if it's got any aerodynamic , cushion soled, anti fatigue properties but it's comfy and it washes well. (And it seems to be quite good at not getting me too sweaty - "wicking" I think they call that. That's my one slightly technical word.)

    I measure my route when I get home on the Good Run Guide website but often can't remember exactly where I started and stopped running!

    I wear a very un-trendy bum-bag thingy to keep my MP3 player and tissues in. Stops my t-shirt wandering upward but probably makes me look like a time-traveller from 1989!

  • And I bet you look fabulous in the lot of it too! I've seen a good few people with bum bags, they're coming back slowly, don't give up on it!

    Cake sounds fantastic right now lol πŸ˜‚

  • Bless you! I could do with a pair of those fancy pants you mention, and as for the Xena warrior princess legs, no hope there for me. The thing is most park runners are amateurs, you should go along. You are brilliant, who cares if your tshirt rides up ( I have some that do that over my wobbly belly) you are out there doing it, you are making an effort which is 1000 miles ahead of sitting down and watching, chin up hon, slow and steady, you will get there.

    By the way, I don't have a foam roller, wouldn't have a clue, I'd avoid it given the instrument of torture it's made out to be.


  • I don't think I could do one just yet, couple more weeks and I will register and have a go. Especially if it is over the road, I'd have no excuses! Lol thank you for replying (and everyone else who did) 😁

  • I do have the legs of Xena Warrior Princess although I should really give them back.

  • Hahahahaha!

    Start a sharing venture or rent them out to thoso of us less fortunate lol

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